Born in 1990 Yasmin Mansour graduated from Italian fashion institute in 2012 , highly motivated by Artist and giving her dreams and inspirations a chance to live and be seen. A message in the artistry of the designs is for women to have freedom in what they want to be , by giving empowerment to women in their gowns and fashion. Mansour’s motivation to create is influenced by her father’s strength and work ethic , seeing her father thrive and build from nothing encourages her.

The brand Yasmin Mansour was founded in 2014 One of the first luxury women’s wear based in Qatar by starting a fashion line inspired by the arabic culture and history of women’s wear the first step of her fashion journary was the Cape the first collection called Sierra which included embroidered capes, that are as visually thought-provoking as they are distinctively edgy reminiscent of an undulating landscape glistening like liquid gold emphasizing the geometric and structural details through the exploration of architectural minimalism. Yasmin’s collection is usually heavily influence by god’s creation. Yasmin strongly believed that her brand was more than just commercial sales and more of a strong heavy built relationship with her cliental.

Yasmin Mansour the brand designs for a women that is unique , forward thinking and looking for a one of a kind piece. The identity of the brand is to create pieces that are detailed to the point that you will not find a similar piece in the market. Venturaing on to different medias with collabrations such as Nessprso , Yasmin Mansour’s creativity and ability to design out of the conventional box by working within an eco-friendly narrative, hundreds of recycled coffee pods have been fashioned into wearable designs.

After much resarch to create her own sunglasses collection she came across a Dutch designer Leo Vanweersch, created a limited collection that is jewellery for the eyes.

Yasmin Mansour’s is constantly looking to reach different goals to achieve worldwide recgontion and the brand to live on.