Born in Lebanon, home to several of the fashion world’s biggest names, Emma graduated with honors from the Lebanese American university with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Though young in age, Boutros had a high fashion sense with a refined eye for quality, detail and style. By pairing her innate creativity with her acquired design skills, she took on the role of creative director in 2010 to launch POISE DESIGN, a contemporary footwear label presenting sophisticated and exclusive lines intended for an elegant but unconventional young clientele belonging to the new international jet set.

Boutros wanted to cater to women looking to express their individuality and care as much about style as they do about comfort and quality.

Most of POISE pieces have embroideries, hand-patches, a mix of colors and fabrics. Emma incorporated in many of her designs the Kouffya print, a traditional print common to all Arabs, which, mixed with high-quality fabric and embroidery became her signature. It was her way of celebrating her cultural belonging.

In 2012, Emma launched the first of its kind ready to wear bridal line, along with the bespoke service of footwear customization to introduce a revamped vision of haute couture footwear adapted to a newer and younger target market that loves the exquisiteness of the upper end of fashion.

In 2016, Boutros has been chosen by COCA COLA to be the first Arab designer to customize a limited edition of their iconic COKE LIGHT can embodying their #LOVELIFE philosophy. The collaboration extended to creating a capsule collection of 6 exclusive #cokelightxpoise footwear styles.

Another major collaboration was with Italian sneaker brand SUPERGA. Boutros created a ready to wear bridal sneaker line for the brand 3 years in a row.

Emma also worked alongside fellow designers and collaborated with several established and upcoming fashion labels in the region and designed footwear for their fashion shows, collections and look books.