In February 2009, three Indian-Lebanese sisters (Maya, Meena, and Zeenat Mukhi) decided to take their passion for fine jewelry to the next level. And so Mukhi Sisters was born out of the vivacious influences of different cultures and rich traditions. The three sisters grew up surrounded by design and jewelry-making. Their childhood was full of private shows, trade exhibitions, witnessing artisans at work and exciting discussions about the art and science of jewelry. It was only natural since their father, Chandru Mukhi, comes from a long line of Indian jewelers who have been in the business since 1875 and their mother, Effat Kreidie, has been the woman behind Effys Jewellery since 1982. This intergenerational background makes Mukhi Sisters an independent brand that tells an exceptional story of its own.

The Brand

Mukhi Sisters transforms stories and personal moments into finely crafted jewelry with real individuality. Founded by three sisters, Maya, Meena, and Zeenat, each piece is a conversation starter, experience and distinctive narrative with a unique energy.
Perfect jewelry for every day and night, the creations reflect each sister’s personal style, interests and obsessions. At Mukhi Sisters, the subtle meets the bold, the vibrant clashes with the sober, the nostalgic meets trendsetting style, the ethnic merges with the urban, and nature blossoms next to fanciful symmetry. It’s a cascade of sensations that celebrates the beauty of semi-precious stones, gold and diamonds to create original statements and to reflect a lifestyle sparkling with individuality. It’s ultimately an invitation to remain true to yourself.

The Experience:

Today, Maya, Meena, and Zeenat have created a new Mukhi Sisters Experience for their clients. Bringing back the old (their history and old Beirut) in their own way, they have opened Mukhi Sisters Fine Jewellery & Concept Store. A space inspired by the different industries that the Mukhi elders used to deal with (hence the concept store addition).