Lebanese-born fine jewelry designer Donna Hourani launched the Donna Hourani brand in August 2016, following a degree from the Gemmology Institute of America and a passion for creating honest, high-quality handcrafted works of wearable art.
Each Donna Hourani piece tells an inspiring story set to impact the soul and elegantly adorn those who wear it.

Having launched 2 years ago, Donna Hourani pieces have already been seen on a number of royalty and celebrities, including HRH Queen Rania of Jordan and Bella Hadid among others and featured in key media including Vogue Paris, the Financial Times, Vogue España, Vogue Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and Grazia magazine.

Hourani, an interior architect by profession, has an unerring eye for juxtaposing diverse materials coupled with constantly honing and studying her craft.

Ethically sourcing gemstones handpicked herself, Hourani only works with the most skilled artisans in Dubai to create pieces which portray stories greater than their existence. The collections stem from sentimental memories of the simple joys in life, and the purity of love and nature.

Her pieces are innately chic and edgy with well-thought out designs and the finest materials. One of the signature Donna Hourani pieces is a thin 18k gold earring that hooks in the helix of the ear, elegantly extends to the anti-helix and affixes on the lobe, while the matching earring is an asymmetrical diamond shape that mimics the dot of the Donna Hourani logo.

A mother of three, Donna is a passionate and pure soul who portrays a multitude of artistic abilities in both art and dance, reflected on every piece she designs. She brings life to elaborate, sophisticated sketches using exquisite materials, graceful shapes and unforgettable stories that show Hourani’s utter devotion and attention to detail, effortlessly bringing minimalism and luxury together.