Carmen Busquets

Pioneer luxury fashion entrepreneur, early backer of e-commerce and humanitarian Carmen Busquets is a great supporter of craftsmanship, heritage and technology. Since Carmen’s entry into the industry in 1992, approximately 10,000 jobs have been created from her investments. The current portfolio of investments and causes upholds the philosophies, vision and principles that have motivated Carmen as an investor, mentor and entrepreneur. 

She strives to contribute to a future of innovative ideas and new levels of consumerism where sustainability will be of utmost importance, quality will prevail over quantity and craftsmanship and individuality are celebrated. The aim is that her investments, companies, causes and content will inspire many more disruptive ideas, founders, entrepreneurs and investors.

Her projects have included CoutureLab, a boutique e-commerce and content site that was live for nine years. It gave her the opportunity to provide her loyal customers with access to the benefit of those ideas and experiments. Simultaneously, she sought to provide her customers with the best of everything through pop-up stores and bespoke shopping experiences. Eventually, her holdings and portfolio of niche e-commerce ideas grew so much that she had to give up her store and personal initiatives in order to scale wider.

Carmen wants to see a future where the consumer can buy more intelligently and the value of owning things takes on more individual meaning. She also wants to help the new economy in any small way that she can, either through giving her time and mentoring founders or investing in their companies.