Growing up in Kuwait as the daughter of an art collector and homeware’s designer, an eye for beauty and aesthetics are in her blood.

Driven by an innate desire to create, Amna struggled to find a formal outlet for her passion. Left to experiment with fabrics and cuts at home, she taught herself to craft bespoke designs by hand.

After finishing university where she studied business and worked few years in the sector she decided to risk all and quit. she went to london and took courses in Marangoni and the university of Arts. which she continues to do so every time she has the chance. These formative years find their way into each piece in her collections, informing her signature fusion of East and West – modern elegance with an exotic edge.

Unaffected by transient fashion trends, Amna Alsalem designs her garments to embody her own perception of beauty, taking fashion back to its roots as an art form: a true expression of self. This lends her creations a timelessness that cannot be replicated.

Specializing in women’s formalwear, Amna Alsalem’s eponymous designs are produced in Kuwait using the highest-quality fabrics, sourced from Paris and Milan. Showing painstaking attention to detail, her collections exhibit the old-world craftsmanship of traditional couture.

Made for the free-spirited, confident woman, Amna hopes her designs will inspire and empower others to express their own core selves.

Embodying the unique vision of its creator and namesake, Amna Alsalem’s enviable her designs to generate the global attention.

Her work was featured in Vogue Arabia, l’official, Marie Claire as ‘Editor’s pick’, Harpers Bazaar called her collection, “prettier than pretty” in their ‘Star of the future’ feature, and a number of international blogs.