In 2013, Marie Marot established her eponymous brand based around creating shirts for women. The French designer has a very unique sense of style and focuses her designs on androgynous figures that radiate feminine empowerment, sex appeal and beauty.

The brand was inspired by her teenager self as from a very young age, Marot had to have one specific item in her closet. It was only natural for the designer to create her own brand of shirts. “Most women collect shoes, I collect shirts,” she says.

The brand aims to cater to all women across the globe. Regardless of age of, the French designer wishes the brand to be transgenerational with a quality and inexpensive product. “I like the idea that in a family, a grandmother, a mother or a young girl could wear my shirts and that they would feel comfortable, elegant or cool,” said Marot.

By creating simple, basic shirts, the designer envisages women who personalize their shirt with their own style. Being able to portray themselves in a unique way, where the whole focus of the outfit is on the shirt.













“For me, the shirt is really the joker of the wardrobe. Whether it is for a night out or a casual day, you always feel well dressed as you can match it with all kinds of clothes,” said the designer. A great shirt gives off a sense of strength, confidence and sophistication; it heightens the beauty of a woman and shapes the true physical silhouette of the body. As Karl Lagerfeld rightfully said “If you ask me what I’d most like to have invented in fashion, I’d say the white shirt. Everything else comes after.” Largerfeld’s quote clearly resonates with Marot.

Marie Marot’s designs are dedicated to women of all sorts. The true message behind her brand is the idea of freedom and support for one another. People should be able to trust not only each other but, most importantly, in themselves.

The brand has been working with a French factory in Tunisia for over 30 years. As the designer said, “Tunisia is a country that has a real know-how in the world of clothing production and I am very happy.”

Marie Marot is the reference point for a good quality shirt with the vision of empowering women with one simple piece of clothing.