We’re entering summer mode with a big splash! Don’t get caught in the shallows while looking for a sustainable swimwear brand, we’ve fished out a big one for you, straight from our sparkling, blue waters.

By The Beach is a brand that celebrates the wonders of sustainable fashion through hip and trendy swimsuits made from recycled ocean waste, eco-friendly processes and is part of a community of eco souls that cares about the protection of the planet.

Tala Farah, founder and creator of By The Beach, finds an anchored passion for swimwear through her love for the sea. Funnily enough, the word thalassophile, meaning a lover of the sea, is echoed within her own name – Tala. “It all started when I realized that the beach is my happy place,” says Farah, “I quickly got associated with the beach, everyone started calling me By the Beach! From that instant, I decided to create a swimwear line to showcase my love for the sea, the environment and everything in between.” Farah noticed an apparent gap in the swimwear/beachwear industry in the Arab world and saw an opportunity to launch her own brand into what is a growing market.

We Arabs love to bask in the sun while spending our time lounging by the sea shore. The idea behind By The Beach is to promote Middle Eastern beaches while flaunting local swimwear brands. “I believe that swimwear is a piece of clothing that can be used to empower people, especially women. Choosing a swimsuit relates to how this piece of clothing makes women ‘feel’ and how it makes them ‘look’,” says Farah.


By The Beach is sustainable in regards to the fabrics the company uses, which are made from ocean waste. The swimsuits are made from regenerated nylon made by Econyl, a leading global textile manufacturer based in Italy. Their fabric, ECONYL, is made from 100% regenerated nylon fiber gathered from  nylon waste – mostly fishing nets and plastic found in the ocean. The packaging is also 100% sustainable, with eco-friendly recycled boxes, organic cotton bags, and recycled paper for their hygiene stickers, tags and the cards they send to customers. The swimsuits are ethically produced in Bali, Indonesia, a country known for its quality production.

“BTB is transparent with its consumers as to how the swimsuits are produced. It’s very important to build this truthful connection and loyal relationships with customers and to be open about everything happening in the manufacturing process,” says Farah.

Nature is at the center of the designer’s inspirations. She works best with floral, tropical and animal prints and, most importantly,  the yarn is entirely recycled. “I want to emphasize that BTB is not only here to offer trendy yet simple swimsuits, it is also about preserving the environment and finding eco-friendly alternatives to our daily activities. Knowing that I can raise awareness about climate change and sustainability through BTB makes me feel that I have fulfilled my purpose,” says Farah.

According to many experts, the greatest danger to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it and that might lead us to take no action. Do your part. Choose wisely. Support sustainability. Each individual contribution can make an impact. How will you support the planet and create a positive change today?