We are currently living in a world that is more digitized every day. With the innovation of the metaverse, cryptocurrencies and NFTs it is safe to say that we are slowly (but surely) being inducted into a realm of digitalization. When it comes to fashion, designers are opting for physical as well as for virtual boundaries that are separating each other. Rami Kadi’s Spring Summer 2022 Couture collection visualizes these boundaries and creates a collection named “Lucid Algorithms”. 

Kadi has always been keen to intertwine his love for couture with technology. He has previously launched a collection that glows in the dark and later on was one of the first designers to put on a cyber fashion show. The designer is always seeking to take his passion to the next level.  Today, Kadi ventures into the world of NFT’s, codes, and the metaverse. 

In an attempt to comprehend the way beauty is defined by the artificial mind, Rami Kadi has merged the realms of the physical and digital through the use of a computer algorithm. This algorithm, working with Kadi’s own elemental creations, produced an array of unprecedented and innovative visuals that came to form the base of the designer’s SS 2022 collection, “Lucid Algorithms”. As Kadi sees beauty in algorithms, the input of the artificial mind and Kadi’s own creativity amplifies the power of couture and broaden its boundaries, by introducing a whole new genre of design that opens up new bridges between seasons, universes, and realities.  


Exclusive couture dress

By choosing to launch his NFT collection through his website, the designer ensures that everyone has easy and smooth access to his collection. “This way, anyone with or without expertise in this newly emerged digital world would be able to purchase our NFTs easily,” he says. 

Also, by collecting rare Rami Kadi NFT’s, the owners will have the privilege to use the “Lucid Algorithm” NFT’s that will allow them to customize an exclusive Kadi couture dress and utilize them as a background for any of their NFT avatars, dress their avatars in the metaverse, and even customize all sorts of outfits and accessories for their NFT avatars in 2D. The NFTs will also mean that owners receive an exclusive invite to any future Rami Kadi events. 

The plan is to be able to expand in the metaverse, by opening his own showroom, hosting events and more. 

The NFT collection will launch on 02/02/2022. The new collection that will launch on 25/01/22 will feature 40 dresses that are made from holographic materials that also flaunt strong and bold colors.