It’s May, summer’s calling and it’s time to celebrate all things linen — which is, of course, a natural fiber sourced from flax plants. Its resilience and durability often comes from its cultivation in poor soils, which rely heavily on rain water. Not only does it get softer after each wash, but it is also hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, and highly absorbent — making it the perfect fabric for your wardrobe every summer! Still need some convincing? Worry not — below are four factors that will have you swooning in linen’s direction.

Linen is breathable

Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics. It dries quicker than cotton, retains heat from your body and tends to release the excess. The natural fiber, which is made from a light weave, will not only keep you cool during hotter days, but you won’t find yourself feeling sticky or trapping sweat.

Linen is cooling

Linen’s heat conductivity characteristics make it the superstar fabric of every summer. While it does absorb a lot of moisture, it also tends to dry a lot quicker compared to cotton, for example. Its molecular structure can absorb a lot of the water’s weight before making you feel wet, and this also just happens to be the perfect cooling system.

Okay – hold up, before I get into the third reason, I just have to give you a little heads up. Linen’s cooling and breathable properties may be a double edged sword if you live in an area that’s heavily reliant on air conditioning due to especially hot summers. Since the material is very breathable, its insulating properties aren’t the greatest, so you may be flying from a frying pan directly into the freezer, (for those living in the GCC, I’m looking at you).

Linen is hypoallergenic

Sweating during the summer is inevitable. It can make you both uncomfortable and self-conscious, even though it’s entirely natural! Since linen is hypoallergenic, it might well be your best friend this summer, as sweat is less likely to break down its fibers, which alleviates the effects of the heat and humidity.

Linen is durable

Linen is here to stay! Linen is one of the strongest natural fibers out there, and is far more durable than other materials on the market. Linen garments do not lose their shape, in fact, they only get better after each wash cycle. Invest in linen pieces (By Walid, Arak Studio, Bode, JW Anderson…) that will stand the test of time, save the planet and look good whilst doing it!

Convinced? Well, I hope so. Before I log out, let me leave you with a fun fact, because who doesn’t like fun facts? Ancient Egyptians were the very first to mass produce linen. It was traded as a currency among the elite, making it one of the oldest textiles recorded in history.

Whether you’re traveling in a hot and humid climate, or you want to enjoy a light tunic on a breezy summer night, linen garments are the ultimate in everyday luxury during the warmer months. You’ll be looking good, feeling great and worry free when the temperature starts to rise.