October 15th is International Handwashing Day! We know that washing and sanitizing is all we have been talking about for the past two years during the pandemic, but we can do a little bit more than just keep ourselves healthy and clean. Pulse was on the lookout for a fun way to enjoy the endless washing of our hands as well as ways to get creative and encourage people to preserve the idea of hand hygiene. 

1/ Clearly and Strictly Dairy!

Centered in the heart of Dubai, The Camel Soap Factory is known for their handmade soap bars made around camel milk. The brand is 100% environmentally friendly as their products are sustainable. The soap is rich in minerals, vitamins, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory proteins, all the stuff that we Arabs love! As the name might suggest, it’s not for the lactose intolerant, of course, but it is great for the skin and completely natural. I mean Cleopatra used to shower in milk, so why not use it in our handwashing routine?

2/ Duty and Beauty

There has been quite a buzz about Lebanon’s Atelier Beautanique recently. From their aesthetically pleasing appearance, to their vegan and cruelty free products, these environmentalists have it all figured out, produced and bottled up. Most of their raw material is directly sourced from Lebanese families, which makes the products sustainable, natural and ethical. They have even different categories when it comes to your choice of soap. Depending on the mood, you can get soaps that are calming, healing, hydrating, rejuvenating, nourishing and more, all with refreshing scents. 

Given everything that’s been going on, we will take one of each please!

3/ Spoiled with Oil

Kahina Giving Beauty has a wide selection of oils and soaps that are made in Morocco. They use the highest quality Argan oil as their core ingredient and their main inspiration is to combine ancient traditions with modern science. Who doesn’t love something with so much history? Moroccan Beldi Soap with Argan oil is one of their most popular items. The soap is incredibly rich in Vitamin E which moisturizes, repairs and softens the skin. Its softening properties have been known to the hammams of Morocco for centuries and if we can’t be in Morocco right now, we might as well bring Morocco to us. 

4/ Where the Song Came Along

It’s not all about soap and water, sometimes you need to add a little music to take away the tedium of incessant washing. While we’ve got time for the classics, we’re also discovering a vast treasure trove of new artists emerging every day on TikTok, so I’d advise turning on and tuning in to the latest viral sensations while having a scrub. We can’t seem to stop listening to one of the trendiest and catchiest songs of the moment: Hadal Ahbek by the Jordanian teen star singer Issam Al-Najjar. Brb … I’m going to blast it out while washing my hands. 

5/ Try to Be Dry

After an intense session of washing we have found the best product to dry your hands with. Egyptian cotton is known as the best cotton in the world and we couldn’t but find a product that fits the bill. Nillens, based in Cairo, offers the best quality Egyptian fabrics using local, responsible production. They use Egyptian designers to produce their pieces and are 100% local. From quality, to design, to comfort, they offer nothing but the best. You can find us cocooning our hands in a soft towel by the bathroom door. 

It can be all fun and games as long as you remember that the power to save lives is, literally, in your hands.