During the holy month of Ramadan, it’s important to take the time to reflect on all aspects of your life. Symbolizing restoration and renewal, when it comes to your beauty routine, there’s never been a better time to pare back your skincare and makeup, opting for a more natural approach. “In the spirit of cleansing, it’s the perfect time to invest in ourselves mentally and physically from the outside, to in by trying out clean beauty,” says Judy Daghestani, the cofounder of Laurus LLC, a beauty distribution company in the Middle East.

If you don’t already do so, “As Ramadan is the perfect time to reflect, grow and heal, it is a beautiful time to dedicate a routine to yourself,” agrees model Laura Leonide. Clean beauty brand Holifrog believes in situational skincare. Instead of focusing on your skin type, its formulas have been developed to help skin with changes around us, like lifestyle alterations, the environment, stress, and ageing as just a few examples. For those practicing Ramadan, fasting is something to consider when thinking about skincare. “As fasting can affect the water in your body and bring a bit of skin dryness, it is a good time to switch up your skincare routine,” suggests Leonide.

The products Leonide is currently investing in focus on clean or medical-grade brands with some of her favorites including Skinceuticals, Medik8 and Weleda. “I have a morning and evening routine that includes a serum and a cream. I try to keep it simple and easy, I never skip it, and I switch up my creams just so my skin doesn’t get too acquainted and lazy,” Leonide explains. When swapping skincare products, remember that consistency is key when seeing if a formula works. Some may offer instant results, but a formula’s true ability will only be visible in between one and three months on average.

A super fresh scalp

A new nursing mom, Daghestani has been opting for toxic-free products. “For my face, I love Sunday Riley’s vitamin C face oil. It smells heavenly,” she says. As the skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s essential not to just focus on your face, especially as the skin’s main function is protection. Your hair and scalp are also not to be forgotten, as the scalp is the most delicate skin on your body. “For my body, I’m currently using Najel’s organic Aleppo liquid soap, made with olive oil and 40% bay laurel oil. I am using Briogeo for my hair since it leaves my scalp feeling super fresh,” says Daghestani of her favorite formulas for the month ahead.

“Of course, besides skincare and drinking a good amount of water between iftar and suhoor, face massages and face lymphatic drainage massages do make a big difference,” says Leonide of her other tips for Ramadan beauty. Invest in yourself by finding a treatment like Tata Harper’s Tuning Fork Facial at the Mandarin Oriental in Dubai, which works on your face, mind, body, and soul. Blending her award-winning formulas, the vibrational facial also includes deep breathing, custom curated soundscapes and chromotherapy, all of which leaves the skin deeply hydrated and encourages a positive mindset.