We’ve all heard about brides spending months before the wedding investing in their beauty regime, but what about grooms? For those already interested in shaving, shaping, and styling up, there are a few steps you might want to add pre the big day. For those who apply moisturiser and think that’s a successful week of pampering, it’s time to get a little more serious. Here, we break down grooming for the modern groom in the form of a countdown to the big day.

Six Months

Personal training

You might already know the gym like the back of your hand, but getting support from an expert can help you create realistic goals and achieve them. There’ll never be a better time to create new personal bests and to challenge yourself than just before your wedding. Start working out now so when it comes to your suit fitting you’re not going back and forth with adjustments.

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Your diet is key to not only looking good, but feeling good, too. Weddings can be a lot of hard work, and with the proper nutrition, you can help manage stress and ensure your skin is glowing. Yes, this is important for the groom, too. Find a nutritionist you trust or a meal plan that offers balanced options to avoid crash dieting closer to the wedding.

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Visit the dentist

It’s probably time for a check-up anyway. On a day where you’ll (hopefully) be smiling more than ever, you’ll want a perfect smile to match your happiness. This starts with healthy gums and teeth. Now is the time to talk to your dentist about teeth whitening options and possibly investing in clear aligners if necessary.

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Three Months

Body contouring

Stubborn areas you just can’t seem to shift? Now’s the time to invest in some sessions of Cryo T-Shock. Able to focus on specific areas of the body, this non-invasive and painless treatment freezes away fat while sculpting the body. It takes several sessions and eight to twelve weeks to see noticeable results that are permanent when paired with a healthy lifestyle.

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One Month


This might seem a bit early, but now is the time to test out the cut and style you’ll be wearing at your wedding. This will mean there’s no chance of a hair-related mishap. Ensure that your usual stylist is in town, or find a barber that you can trust. Decide on your style and don’t deviate the day before your wedding. This includes grooming your brows, too.

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The true joy of perfume is its ability to hold memories. So, why not create your own fragrance for your big day? Work with notes you already love and develop a unique blend to be worn at your wedding, so every time you smell it, it transports you back to the happiest day of your life. Bring your bride-to-be for an extra special bonding experience where she can create something special, too.

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One Week


Ensure you opt for a facial a few days before the wedding. Look for a treatment that lightly cleanses, so you avoid any risk of redness or breakouts. Then, it’s time for hydration, where the focus is on achieving healthy and radiant skin. Look for brands like Sisley Paris that work with Phyto-cosmetology, meaning they use formulas that are gentle, yet effective.

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It’s important to be groomed from head to toe. That means investing in a manicure and pedicure. Whether you’re opting to wear a ring or not, you’ll be shaking a lot of hands and be in many pictures. Plus, it’s a relaxing experience where you can enjoy a little me time before the big celebrations.

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