In 2016, Dior launched the collaborative series ‘Dior Lady Art Project’, where artists from around the globe are invited to re-imagine the iconic ‘Lady Dior’ handbag by adding their own personalized touch. 

This year, the 7th edition of the series, includes Egyptian Artist Ghada Amer, and Bouthayna Al Muftah from Qatar, among nine other talented artists from different parts of the world including North America, South Korea, France, Italy, Russia, and China. Last year  was the first time the fashion house invited an Arab artist to join the coveted roster, and the selection included a dazzling design by Saudi artist Manal Aldowoyan. 

The handbag was first called the ‘Chouchou’ which translates to ‘favorite’ in French, but was popularly renamed to ‘Lady Dior’ after Princess Diana; who famously wore the accessory piece during many of her public outings including the 1996 Met Gala. She was gifted her first piece by the First Lady of France at the time, Bernadette Chirac. 

The original design was inspired by the quilted chairs from the brand’s first show in 1947. Over the years, different artists have worked on the series, creating illustrious designs, each encapsulating their essence as a creative through different textures, materials, and colors. 

Egyptian Ghada Amer is a contemporary artist who is best known for her works of erotic embroideries which touch on various topics relating to social issues, such as sexuality, female identity, and Islamic culture. She describes her work as a representation of the female body once it is completely free of the male gaze, displayed through intricate needlework. 

The work of Qatar’s Bouthayna Al Muftah ranges from printmaking to typography, presented via large scale installations and performance pieces. She most recently unveiled a series of posters developed for the FIFA World Cup 2022, depicting traditional headwear floating in the air to symbolize the celebration of football taking place around the world, and most especially in Qatar. 

The collection, set to launch on January 5th, will also feature pieces by Brian Calvin Alex Gardne, Shara Hughes, Dorothy Iannone, Sara Cwynar, Minjung Kim, Zhenya Machneva Françoise Pétrovitch, and Wang Yuyang.