There is rarely ever a clear path to success; however, determination and drive are two factors Lebanese, Dubai-based content creator Karen Wazen knows a lot about. With a combined following of more than 12 million across her social media platforms, Wazen juggles the roles of mother-of-three, eyewear designer, High Profile Supporter of UNHCR and now — the new face of Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli’s latest global fragrance campaign.

Today, Wazen makes history, as for the first time Roberto Cavalli partners with a social media star as a global spokesperson, and one who just so happens to be an Arab woman! “We are extremely excited to welcome Karen to the Cavalli family. Her liberated spirit and glamorous style embodies the iconic Cavalli universe. We are proud to kickstart our collaboration together with a campaign that celebrates the core Cavalli fragrance pillars, which are the epitome of femininity and bring together a melody of notes inspired by our Italian heritage,” said Fausto Puglisi, Roberto Cavalli’s creative director.

Beacon of hope

“This collaboration is not only a win for me. It is a win for every Arab woman, every Middle Eastern woman who feels underrepresented,” Wazen exclusively tells FTA Pulse. The partnership has been in the works since the summer of 2020, when Wazen and her team were first approached by Roberto Cavalli Fragrance. “The campaign was shot a year later in 2021 and finally the release of the campaign this year in 2022. It’s the perfect example of ‘the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit’. It has been one of the hardest secrets to keep for this long. It’s not every day we see a Middle Eastern Arab girl represented as a global spokesperson of a legacy house,” says Wazen.

The collaboration holds a lot of value for Wazen, who rose to fame with little to no representation in mainstream media. “This title holds a lot of value and I hope with time we begin to see more of these steps being taken in our industry. I am not a model, nor an actress nor a singer, I am someone who built my name and my business on the basis of authenticity, transparency, passion, and drive,” she explains. It is collaborations such as this, according to Wazen, that show the world that there is room for everyone, where every person can create and forge their own path.

Today, Wazen is a beacon of hope, not only to the millions of followers who have grown to love her, but to the Arab community at large. Over the past few years, it is the risks that she has taken that have got her to where she is today. “I am not am afraid to knock on doors, to think out of the box and to dream big,” she says. “With a lot of planning, strategizing and dedication, I believe everything is possible.” Setting goals and working hard to acheive them while maintaining an attitude of humility, gratitude and authenticity is Wazen’s recipe for success and this collaboration with Cavalli is testament to all that.