It just might be that 2022 is Dubai-based Lebanese digital entrepreneur Karen Wazen’s year. Adding to her list of accomplishments is a new beauty partnership. Having announced her collaboration with Roberto Cavalli as a global spokesperson for its latest fragrance campaign, she is now turning her sights to skincare. The brand? Guerlain, the Parisian house known for its innovative lines that are inspired and informed by nature.

The collaboration sees her take on the role of regional skincare ambassador, fronting Guerlain’s products, including its celebrated Abeille Royale and Orchidée Impériale collections. “I am very proud to become the Middle Eastern ambassador for Guerlain. As a house whose DNA and heritage are in complete, authentic alignment with my own ethos, I look forward to this beautiful and exciting new chapter together,” Wazen said in a recent statement.

Guerlain, a leader in skincare since its launch in 1828, is known for championing nature in everything it does. In particular, is its dedication to preserving biodiversity with a spotlight on bees, which are also the house’s historic symbol. Bees produce many of Guerlain’s most treasured ingredients, including honey and royal jellies, and are a crucial part of the planet’s ecosystem. When it comes to innovation, Guerlain aims to act with sustainably and with transparency at heart while working for the climate and reducing its carbon footprint, alongside creating positive social impact, an ethos we can all get behind.