Hubert Fattal was a businessman by the way of a fatality. The multidisciplinary artist, whose talents ultimately converge in the creation of atmospheres – rose to lead Fattal Group following the death of his father in a car accident  As the head of a flourishing company specializing in the importation of everyday consumer products, but also cosmetics, perfumes and spirits, Hubert Fattal never gave up his quest for a place where the soul and the body, the senses and the spirit, the past and the present, the East and the West would come together to create something greater than their parts.

Interior designer, painter, photographer, designer of objects, this artist-of-all-trades trained at Parsons and Goldsmiths had ended up finding his happiness in the creation of perfumes. At the start, his concept consisted of combining his two cultures, Eastern and Western, so as to assemble them into a third in his own image which would be his definitive identity, where he could anchor his sense of belonging, his portable sedentary lifestyle, nomadic and rooted at the same time.

He involves in his adventure the photographer Nadim Asfar and chooses as his muse the singer and actress Yasmine Hamdan. Yasmine sings in Arabic with a languor that is both poignant and minimalist. Her music is familiar with a touch of strangeness. Familiar and exotic at the same time.

The fig tree and the sea

Hubert Fattal’s first perfume was called Fig Tree Bay. The new brand’s label, Fragrances Hubert Fattal, is nicely expressed in a geometric design where the Fs turn their backs to surround, like two stylized wings, an H missing a bar. Anyone who has crossed a Mediterranean bay, its shore lined with fig trees, will be overcome by memories, brought to the fore by this fragrance that is both fresh and milky, suave and vibrant.

Although he was not a perfumer (the brand’s scents are made in Grasse and created by professional noses), Hubert Fattal knew how to weave the stories of which perfumes are made. He had the precise, vivid memory of this walk by the bay, one summer day, in Cyprus, where his soul sailed far, catching on the way the gourmet perfume of the fig married with the salty scent of the Mediterranean. To support this improbable alliance, he mixed jasmine, carnation, and wild iris. The image was there, in its entirety, and is now in a bottle from which everyone can draw a little silk for their skin, a caress for their soul, and leave a wake as unforgettable as that summer day by a bay on the island of Cyprus.

Music and journeys

His perfumes, five for the body and five for the home – which Hubert saw as an extension of one’s body  –  were made as one unfolds a dream from a page written in a personal notebook. They are part of his own story, of his happy moments, of his travels, his walks in nature and the moments when he bowed to the beauty of the world. “They reflect magical moments, luminous memories, inspiring journeys, transformative encounters, and unforgettable sensations. A sunset over the Indian Ocean, a storm over the cedars of Barouk, oriental music over the Mediterranean”, explains the designer.

After Fig Tree Bay came Cèdre Vert, a powerful fragrance with notes of incense and cigar smoke refreshed by top notes of lime and vetiver, “a hymn to the skin” said the manifesto. These were followed by Deep Rose, a veritable olfactory journey where roses and spices mix “from the secret gardens of Damascus, from the valleys of the Moroccan Atlas on the way to Tunis and Cairo, on the mysterious paths of Arabia and up to the sacred city of Pushkar”. To the floral notes were added pinches of musk and sandalwood, cardamom, saffron, pepper and bergamot, all enveloped in a subtle layer of oud.

A nocturnal walk in the Lebanese cedar forest of Barouk inspired him to create a new scent, based on the distinctive smell of the cedar, an incense, a mist where peppery accents mingle. Dark Light was finally born. The perfume choreographs the innocence of a handful of white flowers. But it is through Fattal’s inspired mixture that the scent reveals a sensuality so powerful as to verge on poisonous: jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, there is something eminently dark, a tingling of danger, in the carnal power that emerges in the last tones.

The light of the seasons

Fattal’s scented candles and home fragrances were created to match your emotions. Pomélo, Watermelon (or Batikh), Geranium, May Rose, to which is added Rosa Lisa, an olfactory identity specially created for the Liza restaurant in Paris, each illustrates a season and amplifies the atmosphere as does light, capable of being both bright and subdued.

Hubert Fattal was found stabbed in his house, a place that he had designed according to his heart, and where his aesthetic loves and his memories rubbed shoulders. This elegant, delicate and discreet artist, who loved to create objects in hammered metal, especially hands, some of which bore palmistry lines, leaves behind him not only the memory of his grace, but also a personal, lingering intimacy with the skin of a multitude of aesthetes who have found in his creations a bit of their inner self.