IKEA Teams Up with Tania George to Release a Home Collection

Jordanian Tania Haddad is the first Arab fashion designer to create a collection for the Swedish company

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Swedish furniture giant IKEA chose Jordanian designer Tania Haddad for an exclusive collaboration as part of their Lokalt collection, which launches in 294 stores on June 21 this year. Tania Haddad who was born in Amman, Jordan, in 1989, started her career by studying fashion in Italy. Today she runs her fashion brand Tania George from Amman and London.

Lokalt consists of a collaboration between contemporary local designers from Amman, Delhi and Bangkok with IKEA in-house designers. It’s a vibrant collection of items that fuse tradition with modernity. Amman was the main source of inspiration for Haddad’s collection. “Amman is a very special city for me,” she says. “It’s beautiful and charming and a bit chaotic with all the people, the colorful cars, the small alleyways and the rooftops that double as living rooms. I call it beautiful chaos – a chaos I miss every time I’m away. I wanted to show all that in my design.”

Haddad is best known for her quirky designs, which highlight Jordanians’ peculiar interests and behaviors, such as the excessively decorated pickup trucks. “I take a lot of pictures of pickups, and almost every time the driver stops and tells me the story of the design and how proud he is of the car. They are very representative of Amman,” she says. “In Amman, there’s a whole culture around designing the pickup of your dreams. Now you can own your own, with hand-embroidered details.”

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By collaborating with local artisans through the Jordan River Foundation, Haddad asked local artisans to add a personal touch with their embroidery. “Looking at the throw with its hand-embroidered details is like taking a tour of the old part of Amman. Here you find the water tanks, the satellite dishes and the oasis of greenery that characterize the bustling city.”

Haddad’s Lokalt collection highlights the charm of everyday sightings in Amman’s neighborhoods, from taxis, water tanks and washing lines to the kites that fly in the city’s skies. The embroidered prints capture Amman’s singular charms.

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