If Bridget Jones knew these men, ‘Down with Love’ wouldn’t even exist! Love takes on a new meaning as we’ve scoured the Internet far and wide to carefully handpick a number of fashionable men who stand out from the online pack thanks to their individuality and impeccable style. More and more, it feels like influencers are inspiring our outfit choices, but still, it’s easy to scroll infinitely for inspiration and come up short, failing to find what you’re really looking for, be it style or pieces to purchase. So we’ve narrowed down the Instagram accounts that remind us of five different fashion styles every man should adopt, be it to impress a Bridget Jones, or not!

1 | The Street Style guy, Ahmad Daabas

The street style guy looks to lead fashion by creating trends, the streets are his modern-day runway, he’s a risk taker who goes bold with color and casual street looks. He experiments by wearing different pieces together to create his persona. Street style’s influence is growing thanks to Dubai-based, Lebanese style inspiration Ahmad Daabas, founder of men’s fashion site AMD Mode and one of 49 models who walked in one of Dolce & Gabbana’s shows.

2 | Dandy style – Upgrade with Ahmed El Sayed

The dandy dares to dress for himself, he cares about the craftsmanship that goes into his clothing. He wants to know which artisan made his suit and he’s the type who can answer your questions about trends because he himself is the co-founder of the Dubai-based fashion brand House Of Nomad. Known as ‘Twisted Curlz’ on Insta, El Sayed has become a force within the burgeoning men’s scene with his blog and brand.

3 | Take your sporty chic inspiration from Daniel Essa

Practical, hardwearing and masculine, the sporty style is functional and comfortable, as worn by sneaker designer Daniel Essa. He constantly takes inspiration from street cultures and incorporates haute couture design elements into each of his pieces. the Syrian designer is well known for his luxury approach to minimal footwear, offering cool designs with a statement, so no wonder he masters the art of sporty chic dressing like a pro!

4 | The rebel, the rock star, Ahmed Asb.

Unconventional, confident and not afraid of attention, the rock star is any guy who’s not adverse to standing apart and dressing like a rebel. If you want to be a true rock star, get inspired by Kuwaiti style influencer Ahmad Asb. Known as one of half of an influencer power couple, he and his wife Ascia make up the fashionable duo influencers Hybrid in a Headpiece.  When the Kuwaiti Latino Hybrid is not busy with his mechanical engineering, you’ll find him rocking the streets of Kuwait like a pro.

5 | Take your rugged man style from Mr Moudz

Dress like a soldier, a cop, a fireman, get a little rugged, like Mr.Moudz. Mahmoud Sidani, known to many as “Mr. Moudz”, began his career in contemporary and luxury retail as a buyer at Dubai’s renowned Level Shoe District where his exposure to the international fashion industry led him to become one of the region’s most prominent male social influencers/ bloggers. Travelling to Fashion Weeks and trade shows, documenting his experiences and his personal style on Instagram, his unique, laid back approach to life and ability to take street wear and make it high fashion has earned him a big following.