The wedding invites have started to come in, you’ve RSVP-ed and are now scrambling to find the outfit that will have you as the best-dressed guest in the room. When it comes to picking out your dress, there are a host of considerations to take into account, namely, formality, weather, location, time, budget, fit and many more. What’s the dress code? You don’t want to upstage the bride (never a good look), nor do you want to look like you didn’t put in much effort. What style best suits your body? Think of fit, shape, materials and more. Are you looking for a party dress? A versatile mini dress? A maxi dress? How hard are you going to party? Will it be comfort over glam, or the best of both worlds?

Are you now overwhelmed? Worry not, we’ve got you. Below, we’ve curated the list of your dreams from our past FTA evening-wear category winners and finalists to create a selection that will have you ready to celebrate in style all night (or day) long. From maxi, to mini and statement dresses, we’re making sure every option will be a heading turning fit this wedding season!

It’s a mini dress affair

They say you should never wear a mini dress to a wedding — but who gets to set the rules? Why are we following an outdated system that continues to dictate what we can and cannot wear? If you’re ready to dance the night away on a tropical beach at your friend’s wedding, a suitable mini dress will come in handy. Whether it’s sleeveless, pleated or off the shoulder, shorter hemlines are great for weddings set in a warmer climate.

Options include (L-R): Azzi & Osta, Sara Mrad

The midi dream

The midi dress is a safe option you can always rely on. Not sure what the vibe is going to be? Well, that’s why we’re naming it the midi dream, because it’s a chameleon. It fits right in, irrespective of formality. The midi’s universal appeal is great for an outdoor or indoor wedding party. Whether you’re in a ballroom, or a garden, the accessibility of this style will always leave you feeling put together.

Options include (L-R): Sandra Mansour, Harithand

Glitz, glam, maxi

Weddings can often be one of those special events where people like go to all out. That dramatic ball gown you’ve had saved on Instagram? Now is the time to get it! However, a maxi dress is not for black-tie only and the key to picking a versatile maxi dress is choosing one that has structure. Now is the time to live that Met Gala fantasy — party the night away looking and feeling the best version of you!

Options include (L-R): Benchellal, Krikor Jabotian