Do you ever feel like you’re contributing enough to the planet, to the point where you start questioning your shopping habits? It’s really about time to start making radical and ethical choices that benefit our ecosystem. Here, we’ve curated a list of five regional eco-friendly brands that are already showing us how it’s done.

1 | Up-Fuse

Reuse with Up-Fuse! Up-Fuse is an environmentally conscious brand based in Cairo. They’ve adopted a business model that reduces waste by recycling plastic throughout their production. The brand relies on local artisans who possess skills that are overlooked by today’s industry. Pouches, backpacks, face masks, notebooks, clothes, you name it, they’ve got it!

All of which goes to show that today’s waste is tomorrow’s fabric.

2 | State of Mind Active (SOM-active)

It’s all about a refined state of mind. Dana Al Khobaizi is the first Kuwaiti woman to launch an activewear brand in the region. The conscious living designer has created a sustainable brand that relies on both fashion and consciousness. Not only does SOM-active use organic cotton for their garments, but they also make sure to use sustainable materials in their packaging.

As Vivienne Westwood once said, “Buy less, choose well, make it last”.

3 | Sadeem

There’s a dream behind Sadeem. The Pret-a-Couture fashion brand created by Saudi designer Aljawharah (Sadeem) Alshehail is the current talk of the town! While the line is centered on creating high-end pieces for self-confident women, Sadeem’s garments exude a sense of attention to detail and a luxurious feel. The designer is an advocate for sustainability and ethical practices, the fabrics are completely non-toxic and sourced from companies who share the same views.

Luxurious and ethical? Brb, I’m maxing out my credit card as we speak.

4 | All Things Mochi

Worth the money: Mochi. The Dubai based fashion label celebrates traditional, cultural methods of embroidery and presents four different collections: Mochi Reconstructed, Mochi Uplifted, Mochi Signatures and Mochi Finds. The brand offers organically added pieces that join with each collection within the year and focuses on vintage items and repurposed Mochi fabrics from previous collections.

All things sustainable, all things Mochi!

5 | Lea the Label

Turning the table with Lea the Label. Lebanese-born designer Lea Daaboul translates her    love for fashion and the ocean through her designs and ethics. Her label is a contemporary yet sustainable swimwear brand that places value on craftsmanship and diversity. The fabrics are made from pre- and post-consumer waste such as industrial plastics, discarded yarn, fishing nets and more. The brand aims to preserve quality and offers long lasting, durable swimwear.

Get your sunscreen ready and meet me at the beach!

While fast fashion may seem easy and accessible, the repercussions it has on our planet are irreversible, so next time you hit the shops, pause and consider brands that have the planet at heart.