This year marks the seventh annual Emirati Women’s Day. Falling two days ago on August 28, the theme is ‘Inspiring Reality… Sustainable Future’. In the spirit of working together for a better tomorrow for the environment and ourselves, we asked some inspiring Emirati creatives what they do in their daily lives to live sustainably.

Omaira Farooq

Embrace your own wardrobe

Don’t be afraid to wear things hidden in your closet from seasons ago! Enjoy your outfits. Sometimes they just need a little revamp.

Research and repeat

I usually like to shop for basics in high street stores, but recently I’ve discovered brands that use environmentally friendly materials, such as Brazilian label Farm Rio. So, I tend to lean more towards them now. I also no longer spend if I don’t need an item. It’s ok to repeat, repeat, repeat!

Finish first

When it comes to beauty, I usually make sure I finish everything I have before using something new. In my 40s, it’s more about what is comfortable for me to wear than going with the trends.

Yasmin Al Mulla

Quality over quantity

The whole dramatic shift in fashion buying is truly promising. I believe in thinking twice before investing. Paying attention to details, craftsmanship, and the source of materials gives you better insight. As the root of the problem lies in our excessive consumerism, put your money to good use by moving towards quality rather than quantity.

Understand your sense of style

Having a clear sense of style makes it easier. You can be clever and sustainable by studying your wardrobe, discovering yourself, and creating your own style direction, which makes you shop intelligently. Invest in quality garments, pieces you know you’ll be wearing years from now.

Support the sustainable skincare movement

Combining your values with your purchasing decisions is a small step with a major impact. Up your game by normalizing swapping plastic packages, recycling, reusing and trying as much as you can to use cruelty-free brands and formulas.

Minwa Al Hamed

Sustainable fitness first

I always try and keep my fitness levels on track because staying fit reflects how I feel and look. There are now so many eco-friendly sportswear brands which use recycled and organic materials on the market, so I try and invest in them for workout clothes.

Planet health and hydration

For me, being hydrated is extremely important. You really notice through your skin and hair when you have drunk enough water, and my energy levels are always better, too. When staying hydrated, I try my best to use refillable bottles to decrease my consumption of plastic.

Keep to the classics

I love to play around with my style, but I keep it classy and respectful. When investing in pieces, I stick to the classics and only invest in a few trend-led items that I love. This usually means more neutral tones, which pair well with what I already have in my closet.