Here we are! A gentle breeze rises, the days lengthen, the nights sparkle, the sea breathes slowly under a blue sky. Under the sun, we crave the tangy freshness of fruit, the clarity of blue water and the spicy, wild smell of the sand. Here is our list of must-have goodies to better savor the season.

The jewel

The “other” shell. Shells, they’re always there, wherever you sink your bare feet. What makes a seashell unique? It’s when you bend down to pick it up. Until last summer, it was small cowrie shells, in the shape of tiny hemmed lips, that were all the rage in fashion jewelry, to the point that they were reproduced in plastic and even in gold.

This summer, we are changing shells. The star of the beaches will be the bivalve, though only one valve is typically found on the beach. Like a fan, or solar rays, it projects its small diagonals on tanned skin and light flows between its grooves. We like it hand-painted and adorned with studs at Marni, or baroque at Sophia Beirut.

The Inflatable

Have you seen enough unicorns, donuts, flamingos, fruit slices and giant seashells? Lie down on these giant, iridescent wings that will make you feel like you’re flying when you plank. Our favorites are produced by Intex, a manufacturer that recycles its plastic products. These inflatable objects are spectacular and full of fun, but once the summer is over, they are awfully bulky, and releasing them into nature would be catastrophic. When you’ve had enough, just send them back to the factory, and they’ll be reused.

The Shoe

Crocs horrify you? Hate them in style. The love-hate relationship we have with these ugly yet comfortable shoes continues to amuse the great designers. Do you dare try Balenciaga’s Madame 80s, in white with an 80mm black stud as a heel? Otherwise, in less literal terms, you have Bottega Veneta‘s Flash mules, in orange, with their 95mm platform and two monochrome rubber blocks.

The Towel

The best, of course, is the original Turkish hammam towel also called the fouta, which simply means “cloth” in most of the Levantine countries. It’s light, it has you wrapped up, it doesn’t retain sand, it dries quickly and doesn’t take up too much space in the bag. Turkish cotton is to be preferred, of course, but Egyptian cotton is just as suitable. Authentic foutas are striped, most often with a two-tone design, sometimes with a diamond weave pattern called “Bosphorus diamond”.

We love the Parachute brand, because the founder Ariel Kaye, who came from the world of advertising, managed to create her ideal line of household linen and make it a success story. The most popular is the Wetcat, pre-washed and absorbent from the first use. We love their motto: “Hug yourself”.

The Bag

We love the Provençal straw tote, lined with cotton, with its little flair of Brigitte Bardot at the market. But on the beach, it takes on water and sand. A stylish and durable alternative would be a Naghedi bag, made by Sarah Naghedi from signature handwoven neoprene.

All of their tote bags are dyed by hand in small batches. Our favorite: the St Barth’s.

The Hat

A declaration of love to the sun watching you from above: Habibi! This word, which is a hug all on its own, surrounds Carenlola’s Melrose hat. This boater in yellow straw, with fringes, spreads positive vibes around and creates a joyful atmosphere wherever you take it.