This year, see Ramadan with new eyes, don’t be afraid to try new trends, fuse street wear with modest wear and smart tailoring…

1 | Get inspired by Fatma Husam and mix pastel colors like a pro

The best thing about pastels is that they mostly all go together because of their common blushed and white undertones. But, if you’re still not sure how to wear them as one, follow Fatma Husam, as she masters this art perfectly.  Not only does she do it effortlessly, but last year, Husam collaborated with Marks & Spencer to introduce its Ramadan 2021 edit. The Dubai-born influencer also rocked a series of looks and style inspo for the campaign. All you need for fancy suhoors to pre-Eid preparations is there on her account for your inpo!

2 | ‘Monotoning’ is the new color blocking, follow Zeinab Ali Hammoud

Try pairing items from your own wardrobe in a fresh way and go for one color from head to toe. This Ramadan fashion recipe and tip is inspired by Lebanese fashion advocate Zeinab Ali Hammoud, who strives to show that modesty can lie in the trendiest outfits, too, and her Instagram page is the perfect source of inspiration.

3 | Dare to mix and match, meet Aya Barqawi

Truth is, the Saudi born social media star has been on our radar for a while now, she’s originally Palestinian-Jordanian and she continues to inspire us with her statement looks and her creative mixing and matching skills. She promotes high street fashion in an ‘oh-so-luxurious’ way and excels at adopting international trends while maintaining a subtle and simple silhouette.

4 | Look at the Kadry sisters’ edgy take on Ramadan style

Refreshingly edgy and urban, the ‘Kd_sisters_style’ offers up the perfect choices and inspiration for a hipster inspired Iftar, because why not! The Egyptian sisters not only changed our Ramadan dressing game, but also inspired our wishlist with their online shop.

5 | When in doubt, go all black like Leena Al Ghouti

When all else fails, go black for eternal class and style like Al Ghouti. The Palestinian-Canadian is a Dubai-based graphic designer who has easily earned her place as one of the region’s most influential style inspirations. A few years ago, Al Ghouti also joined her younger brother Hasan to create a contemporary clothing line called ‘Stacks’ that harks back to 90’s nostalgia while refreshing street wear design.