Lebanese couturier Georges Hobeika‘s Spring/Summer 2022 Haute Couture show hit all the right notes. You know that fuzzy feeling that you get from a first kiss? Well, that was precisely the inspiration behind the Maisons collection this season. By celebrating the impression of invincibility that comes with a first kiss, that euphoric feeling, the increased heart rate and butterflies in your stomach – a natural physiological response of excitement, Hobeika once again proved his artistry through the brands sensual style, contemporary cuts and sparkly glamour.


Hobeikas couture shows are always filled with soft, pastel tones, namely pinks and greens, and the designer often resorts to using crepe and silk chiffon to create both captivating and sensual silhouettes for the modern day woman. This season, however, the Maison stepped out to celebrate newness and renewal, through a dazzling color palette that featured pink strawberry, radiant yellow, matcha green and ombre of all shades of blue. The floral appliqués for which the brand is known took their shape in the form of laser-cut, swirl-like butterfly wings, while celebrating the rebirth of flora and fauna – a theme dear to the couturiers heart. Myriad twirling feathers, arranged in fringes or bouquets evoke the joy of flight and the beauty of flowering. The manifestations of bliss and ecstasy, which dont always go hand in hand, also served as an inspiration this season, namely through an anthology of radiant silhouettes.

Cocoon and nature

From majestic, embroidered capes, to full and knee length dresses and a one-off suit, this season was a celebration of all. Enhanced with sensual and feminine necklines, the models appeared cocooned, on their surface luminous embroidery dazzled and bloomed with sensuality. By combining freshness and elegance, the Maison is recruiting a younger woman — one who isnt afraid to stand out or show skin. The sumptuous embroidery throughout the collection evoked not only the fantasy of dazzling and organic foliage, but also the couturiers love for nature, for though it was different this season, it was very much evident.


Hobeika has proven, once again, that his designs are coveted. As the brand evoked the euphoric feeling of a first kiss, it embraced a new ocean of possibilities. The collection stirs so many emotions and one cant help but feel euphoric emotions as the beautiful garments flowed and draped so effortlessly as the models walked down the GH logo-filled set, one show stopping look at a time.