In a survey conducted on behalf of Adobe Found asking about the activities, behaviors and conditions that help generations of people achieve peak creativity, Gen Z outstripped everyone who’s come before them, perhaps that’s why people are starting to call them ‘Gen Create’.

“What we found is that Gen Create are digital natives who are also more creatively inspired by family, friends and love more than any other generation. They are more likely than any other generation to say that both social media and social activists make them more creative,” said the report. As a generation inspired by music and social connections, they’re inspiring to everyone, be it Millennials or older generations, they’re certainly a force to be reckoned to. So today, we’ll introduce you to our Top 3 Gen Z Instagram figures and tell why you should follow them.

Ashley Al Busmait, ‘The Fashion Tastemaker’

Al Busmait is to be found under @themirageedit on Instagram, she’s a Mexican-Emirati content creator. On her account, Al Busmait documents her personal journey of self-discovery through an artistic lens, focusing on curating impactful fashion editorials that tell deep and meaningful stories. A true visual canvas, her platform shows a coming together of her multi-faceted cultural background, her avant-garde taste in modest fashion and her striking artistic direction, creating a unique ‘mirage’ on the horizon of social media.

Lana Al Beik, filmmaking and fashion

Lana is a Palestinian-Syrian model based in Dubai. She comes from a background of filmmaking and storytelling as well as studying Middle Eastern history. Telling her people’s story is a passion she expresses through her modelling and creative work. She finds meeting people and learning about their stories her most life-enriching experience. Her stunning features and mysterious charm made her a natural fit for high fashion brands like Saint Laurent, Burberry, Jean-Paul Gaultier and more!

Korrii’s minimalist style blends

Sudanese digital creator, photographer, stylist and image consultant, Korrii was born and raised in Sharjah and he’s one of the few male fashion content creators in the region. Korrii uses his platform to share his distinct minimalist style that seamlessly melds with luxury brands. A pillar of the UAE’s creative scene, he is also the founder of Concept 1104, an integrated niche marketing agency.