Because Fashion begins in September, and because we’re not just here to inform and entertain you, but also to help you find you your perfect trend, and because we also strongly believe in our FTA Prize finalists’ talent, we’ve decided to launch a new series: ‘FTA 2022 finalists set the trend’.

This eighth episode will be all about the shiniest category of all: Jewelry. Today, four women are setting unexpected trends: The Lebanese Alexandra Hakim, the Moroccans Dalila Barkache and Youssra Nichan (Dihyan) and the Egyptian, Fatma Mostafa.

Hakim chose her chili pepper talisman earrings, Barkache her single Ayur earring, Mostafa her Midnight Glam earrings, and Nichan her L’Izlan necklace.


“Since antiquity, people have adorned their houses and bodies with talismanic trinkets for luck and spiritual protection. One such talisman is the humble chili pepper, whose rich historic origins for warding off evil span cultures and traditions the world over, and are still prevalent today. In signature Alexandra Hakim fashion, real chili peppers have been up-cycled and incorporated in asymmetric earrings. Each piece has been made by hand, using recycled metals and finished with glossy enamel paints for the most stylish protection you’ll ever wear.”


“I truly believe that the single earring, Ayur, from my newest collection is going to buzz and set a trend. The richness of colors and the luscious jewelry are translated into my creations through a mix of raw looking metals, with a play on raw oxidized silver, with the purity of gold, coated by a mosaic of colored tourmaline stones. Also, new symmetries and proportions erase the border between the ethnic and the minimalist. I liberate precious stones, giving them new proportions, a new freedom to hang loose from an earring.”


“Here are the Midnight Glam earrings from my latest collection “Out of the Blue”. They are inspired by my travels to the Egyptian mountains and desert. In terms of materials, I created a perfect circle while incorporating colored gems, and in the embroidery I mixed regular and shiny threads, which gave the scene a hint of mysticism. I strive to create pieces that are original works of art, where you can clearly see the value and beauty of nature and the endless potential of patient human hands with colorful threads.”


“L’Izlan is Dihyan’s must-have and best seller. It is also the first jewel created by Dihyan. The first Izlan was in white pearls, then it was declined in several colors (green, blue, yellow, pink, red) to fit in all seasons and occasions. L’Izlan was created by gathering several elements of traditional Moroccan vintage jewelry dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. It is a necklace carrying history and cultural heritage, and it can be worn today in a casual way, it is a true celebration of Moroccan craftsmanship. L’Izlan is completely handmade by local artisans in our workshops in Fes.”