Because Fashion begins in September, and because we’re here to inform and entertain you, but also help you find the trend that perfectly suits you, and because we strongly believe in our FTA Prize finalists’ talent, we’ve launched a new series: ‘FTA 2022 finalists set the trend’.

In this seventh episode, we continue featuring designers from the highly anticipated Eveningwear category. This episode is all about the creativity of two men, since we’re featuring the Moroccan Artsi Ifrach (Maison ARTC) and the Syrian Moulham Obid.

Ifrah picked his 100% linen Othman Jellaba and Obid decided to go all pink with a jacket and a corset-skirt.


“I believe we [must] go to a slow fashion a fashion of reuse, remake, [we must] rework pieces, along with [incorporating] handmade artisanal work. The piece I have selected is a reworked 100% linen vintage Othman Jellaba, hand embroidered with the sentence I LOVE YOU ❤️ in Arabic. I believe that in a time of sustainable fashion, one of a kind handmade pieces, vintage, culture and creativity is the future of luxury fashion.”


“Let’s think pink with this late 50s silhouette jacket with tulle on the back and late 50s early silhouette corset-skirt. The big tulle shoulders of the ultra feminine styles of evening dresses will clash with the strength of a structured corset on the waist, followed by a big skirt in the colors of joy and hope.”