Because Fashion begins in September, and because Pulse is not only here to inform and entertain you, but to also help you find the trend that perfectly suits you, and because we strongly believe in our FTA Prize finalists’ talent, we’ve decided to launch a new series: ‘FTA 2022 finalists set the trend’.

In this sixth episode, we feature the highly anticipated Evening Wear category. The first part of this episode is all about the power and talent of women, since we’re featuring the Kuwaiti Amna Alsalem and the Egyptian born and Qatar raised Yasmin Mansour

Alsalem chose a simple piece, where she highlighted connections within her creation and her wider collection and Mansour went for a dress with a very special cut.


“I wanted to create an intriguing and fun piece, the idea is to simplify the title overlapping conceptions of my latest collection and rethink opposites by highlighting the connections of a simple garment while shadowing the rest.”


“I believe this dress will create a buzz because of its unique and special cut. I designed this piece back in 2012 when I was still in school, but I recently revisited my design and added it in my HC 22/23 collection. It is made from left over canvas fabric from the atelier. What’s special about this dress is the triangle cut of the skirt and the layered fabric which is tailored using an intertwined technique.”