Because Fashion begins in September, and because Pulse is not only here to inform and entertain you, but also help you find the trend that perfectly suits you, and because we strongly believe in our FTA Prize finalists’ talent, we are launching a new series, starting today: ‘FTA 2022 finalists set the trend’.

In this fifth episode, we feature the always surprising Debut Talent category, with the Lebanese Claudia Khachan (Saint Balech), the Yemeni Kazna Asker, the Moroccan Mohammed El Marnissi and the Algerian Rayana Boulila.

Khachan picked her mega large t-shirt, Asker her waterproof sportswear jackets, El Marnissi his flower beads and sequin pants, and Boulila her graphic bras. You are definitely spoiled for choice!

Claudia Khachan | Saint Balech

“The mega large trend appeal t-shirt was born in reaction to the question: “What is a trend?” Why do we always need to follow one? Why is being “up to date” so important to most? Is it to fit in time and relate to a dream that the fashion industry sells us every season? A trend seems to always be an inevitable wave that we rarely question. An extremely big T-shirt not only screams comfort, but also has enough space to say what you believe loud and bold.”

Kazna Asker

“These garments from my most recent collection are upcycled second hand Adidas and Nike jackets with matching bags, using my personalised graphic designed prints and traditional woven fabrics! These waterproof sportswear jackets are perfect for the upcoming FW season as they are sustainable, cool and represent graphics with a message! It’s for those who want to take part in the movement.”

Mohammed El Marnissi

“I do think my flower beads and sequin pants will set the trend for FW22. Going into a more and more gender fluid society, these pants will help anyone to show their fashion sense and style. Fully hand made, by ten thousands of beads and sequins, it will be an eye catching haute couture piece. The colors go back to 70’s, but fit very well in FW, with the contrasting white and black, and the warm tones of orange and red. These pants are for everyone who do what they want and wear what they love.”

Rayana Boulila

“The graphic bras were designed because I was interested in what was happening in the body’s firework systems, as well as hip prostheses. I found the shape of these prostheses fascinating and satisfying in their roundness. Since I wanted to reveal the artifice of the body, I wanted to play with graphic color elements in the form of a contouring game system and make body jewelry out of it.”