Because Fashion begins in September, and because Pulse is not only here to inform and entertain you, but to also help you find you the perfect trend, and because we strongly believe in our FTA Prize finalists’ talent, we are launching a new series: ‘FTA 2022 Finalists Set the Trend’.

In this third episode, after Ready-to-Wear, we jump to the Accessories category. Today, we focus on the three bag designers among the four finalists: the Sudanese Eilaf Osman, the Egyptian Karen Gaballa and the Moroccan Leila Roukni (Talel).

Osman picked her Black Medani Bag, Gaballa her resin/olive wood clutch and Roukni her Triangle bag. Don’t waste time choosing which one suits you best: they all do.


“I think the Black Medani Bag is the perfect day to night bag that can be paired with a statement piece alongside neutral colors, or it can be a neutral piece to complement a statement outfit. Autumn, to me, is when you escape from chilly city nights and join your girlfriends for deep conversations over cozy, intimate dinners. This bag is definitely the ideal conversation starter while it sits on the table by your side.”


“We believe this clutch should be a super trend because its body is made of a beautiful mix of resin and olive wood while the strap is a beech pine beaded formation that gives the bag a very unique and earthy look. You can visibly identify the wood rings and patterns, which instantly elevates any outfit, casual or chic.”


“I wanted to share with you the brand’s signature key style: the Triangle bag. Refined and striking, this geometrical statement arrives in a new neon yellow colorway in September. Inside its sculptural structure, in matte gommato leather, an off-white soft, removable pouch in buttery lambskin keeps all your precious things safe. The triangle bags are manufactured by experienced and renowned artisans who have a specific skill or expertise for each production process. Each piece is constructed by hand with the use of sewing machines.”