Because Fashion begins in September, and because Pulse is not only here to inform and entertain you, but also help you find the trend that perfectly suits you, and because we strongly believe in our FTA Prize finalists’ talent, we are launching a new series: ‘FTA 2022 finalists set the trend’.

In this second episode, we feature the two remaining Ready-to-Wear finalists: Sarah and Siham Albinali (Lurline) and Yousra ElSadig. Both the Saudi sisters and the Sudanese young designer want to dress a bold, unique woman who doesn’t need anyone’s permission to wear what she will. And they indeed succeed in that.

The Albinali sisters picked their Dates dress and Elsadig her zero-waste concept tracksuit. You don’t need to choose, both will be mandatory in your closet this season.

Sarah & Siham Albinali (Lurline)

“It is the perfect day to night dress! We designed strong shoulders to counter the feminine layered skirt and sweet draped cape at the back. The belt can also be worn over the cape for a more cinched in effect. There are so many little details about this dress that we truly adore and really enjoyed the creative process when making it! Hence why we named it Dates after our favourite fruit!”

Yousra Elsadig

“Our tracksuits are made with a zero-waste concept using traditional fabrics that are usually worn in weddings only by brides and grooms. These include the Sudanese Garmasis and Surati. We also re-purpose unused upholstery and bedsheets in an innovative way that appeals to our clients with sustainable ideals. Our zero-waste tracksuit is a super trend because it is all about re-purposing materials, bridging cultures and breaking stereotypes in a stylish manner. It can be dressed up or down, and mixed and matched with other pieces making it very unique and versatile.”