Because Fashion begins in September, and because Pulse is not only here to inform and entertain you, but to also help you find the trend that suits you down to the ground, and because we strongly believe in our FTA Prize finalists’ talent, we are launching a new series, starting today: ‘FTA 2022 Finalists Set the Trend’.

So, we asked each of our 2022 Prize finalists to pick an item that they imagined and designed, preferably from their latest collection, that they believe will buzz and set a trend, and to tell us why.

In this first episode, we feature two Ready-to-Wear finalists who have a lot in common: both are Lebanese women with deep African roots, both are constantly trying to build bridges between their two cultures, both are deeply concerned about ethical fashion and both, of course, are very talented: Renwa Yassine (Renwa) and Rym Beydoun (Super Yaya).

Yassine picked her black blazer and Beydoun her Beatrice cardigan. You don’t need to choose, both will be mandatory in your closet this season.


“The black blazer with the handpicked cowrie shells represents femininity, protection, and good luck in African culture. Each shell is found on, and picked from, beautiful African shores. This blazer is my favorite piece in the current collection, it can be worn in winter while still having a touch of summer.”


“The item I think will do well is the Beatrice Cardigan. The bows are made out of bazin, a damasked cotton which we used a lot in our collections. The body is 70% wool and 30% cashmere and the buttons are made out of velvet. The contrast of materials and colors, together with the bow element, make it quite a casual yet sophisticated piece. The collection was conceived, produced and developed between Milan, Berlin, Beirut and Abidjan.”