Every now and then new ear styling trends dominate the fashion scene. With our Covid mindset often compelling us to stand out in a room full of people whenever we’re out and about, many of us are on the lookout for the perfect jewelry stack. Maria Tash is a designer and innovator; she offers with her team the highest qualities of services and expertises in the curation of personalized styles. Her stores are located in New York, London, Dubai, Rome, Miami and Dublin, and soon in Kuwait City and Dallas. 

Maria Tash has as unique background that was heavily influenced by the punk goth era. Her eponymous brand focuses on creating pieces that are more about fashion and beauty and how the two intersect with piercings and jewelry. “In the 1990s there were no studios in New York that offered a combination of unusual piercing locations paired with fine jewellery designs, so I knew there was an opportunity in the market,” said Tash. 

“At about age 15, as I got into punk and goth music and culture, I developed a love of multiple ear piercings, and spent time in libraries researching historical references for elaborate piercings, like those seen at Indian and Pakistani weddings and certain African tribal pieces,” said Tash. As the designer grew up in suburban Long Island, New York, she was very much inspired by the street culture that surrounded her. The designer integrates a liberating mix of asymmetric fashion looks in the punk and goth scenes with incredible references to historical jewellery. 

As to new ways of wearing earrings, the renowned designer creates her pieces from a genderless angle, she never separates jewelry into female and male collections. For the newcomers, “I suggest starting with a focus in one of two places. The first is to have an anatomical location in mind where you want to get pierced, [and] then we will help you find a design that optimizes your skin tone, personal style, and anatomy,” she says. A very important part of creating a great collection, according to the designer, is to be able to get a great anatomical fit to the pieces and how they hug and tuck into the ear.

Parallel to each other

According to Tash, there are tricks that balance out ear style and a great fit is found through considering three things: skin tone, the client’s personal aesthetic and the weight and style of the pieces that live next to each other. “Layering of jewelry in the ear is an art, and we’ve registered the mark Curated Ear after decades of work in the field,” said the designer. 

“The right and left ear assemblies do not have to match. They should be related, but the pieces do not have to be purchased in pairs and worn identically on both sides,” she says. “My forward-facing piercing methodology ensures the angles on multiple piercings are parallel to each other which creates cleanliness and readability to the curation.”

Tash recommends stacking the earrings. She loves motion in jewelry and most of the pieces she wears complement the movement and texture of her hair. “I would suggest if you have statement earrings or a bold necklace, make sure the metal color of other jewelry supports and does not distract from the large pieces. You should look in the mirror and watch how the eye moves between elements of the ensemble,” she says. And when on a night out, the designer recommends choosing classic pieces as photos last forever. 

This December, you will definitely transform your ears into art pieces!