Healing, desert stars, meditation and yoga, embodiment coaching and scuba diving: Pamper yourself in August with style!

Experiment with Your Wellness Routine

Relaxation Day offers the perfect time to experiment in the world of health and wellness. One spot primed for discovery is Seva Experience, nestled in the heart of Dubai. An urban sanctuary, it welcomes different healers from all across the world who offer up their training and expertise. Lie back and enjoy meditation, mantras, sound healing and many different types of yoga. You’re bound to find something that makes all your stresses melt away.

Get Soulful with Stargazing

One of the most relaxing things in the world is lounging about under a blanket of twinkling stars. Mysk Al Faya retreat in Sharjah has been created with this in mind. A boutique glamping experience that features just five rooms, it’s located out in the desert where you can enjoy the serenity of nature. The resort also features a saltwater pool, a hands-free spa, outdoor firepit and a skylight in each room so you can stargaze from the comfort of your bed.

Rediscover Yourself at a Desert Retreat

Deep in the dunes of Jordan’s Wadi Rum you can wellness journeys where the power of meditation, yoga, sound healing and horse wisdom help guide you on a path of inner peace. Led by healer Sandra Jelly you can choose retreats that last from two days up to eight. Each day guides you through a host of different practices, with the horse soul session being a highlight. Horses are known to mirror your state of being and, in turn, offer you insights into your life.

Try a One-On-One Empowerment Session with Lana Nahawi

The key to really relaxing is being at peace with oneself. To do this, you might find it helpful to call on the help of a coach. A Palestinian national living in Dubai, Lana Nahawi is an embodiment coach who focuses on empowering women wherever they find themselves on their life journey. Nahawi helps women to feel empowered and fulfilled through self-connection and self-discovery.

Unwind Under the Sea

If there’s one place you can’t use your phone or get distracted, it’s while you’re diving under the sea. With abundant sea life all across the Arab world, there are so many destinations to choose from. The Musandam Peninsula features both hard and soft corals alongside plenty of sea life and is perfect for beginner and advanced divers alike. Head out early and embrace the beauty of the underwater world, relaxing in the beautiful grounds of the resort come evening.