You don’t need to wait for a breakup to start decluttering! Spring season is an invitation to channel your inner Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing consultant, author and TV show host also known as Konmari. So, with that in mind, we asked our favorite Arab experts about their specific spring cleaning approach to decluttering and how they would inspire us to tackle our overconsumption. Remember, it’s not just about your ease of mind and the contents of your closet, it’s also about the environment.

“Life is too short, eat the pasta!”

Mimi Raad, an image consultant for TV channels for more than 17 years,  said she places the hangers in her closets so that they all face the same direction. When she uses one, she hangs it back up in the opposite direction. So when it’s time to declutter, every hanger that has not been moved means that she hasn’t worn the item on it. She says, “So I remove it, try it on, decide if I give it another chance or not, and explore how I can style it in various ways. If I think it’s a good piece to keep, I store it for better days!”

Content creator, brand building expert and self-confessed fashion nerd, Lara Akkari, has got decluttering down to three steps, she asks herself, “When was the last time I wore it?  If it was six months to one year ago, then it gets put into probation and goes to step 2; does it fit my life and can I style it in three different ways for the different parts of my life (work, going out, weekend hangouts). Finally, does it still fit? Can it be fixed with a minor alteration and be re-imagined or up-cycled into something new?  If it’s too tight, forget it. I’m over the notion that I will lose weight to wear it. Life’s too short, eat the pasta.”

A closet called “The Edit”

Luxury fashion expert, and CEO of Quinn Hop, a multifaceted platform for travel and destination/resort wear, Sama Al Wasmi, said, “I love the basket technique.  I also put away seasonal items in big clear boxes and clearly label what is inside. This helps me to reach for it if, say, I have a beach getaway in the middle of the winter. I reach to the clear box marked “resort wear” and pick out the items I need. Unlike a lot of people, I do not like color grouping in my wardrobe, it confuses me! I organize rails based on the category of the item (blazers, sweaters, cardigans denim, etc.).”

She adds, “One of my absolute favorite hacks for tackling the “I don’t know what to wear” dilemma is this: I have a small closet I call “The Edit”. This is where, when I have a few free minutes once or twice a month, I go through my entire wardrobe, and pick out some outfits and really nice pieces I love. I curate the pieces so they can go together well, or, if I know I have events coming up, I will put some amazing show pieces in there. That way, in the morning before the school run and meetings, I can look at my edited wardrobe and pick up some key pieces or readymade outfits.”