Some things are made to serve a certain function, but aren’t necessarily used for their intended purpose. Confused? Join the club. Welcome to a new trend, one that serves no function, and is all about aesthetics: the no purpose belt. Remember when Carrie Bradshaw wore a lime green belt cinched high around her upper abdomen with a low-waisted skirt? It was Season 4 and let’s just say, it was quite iconic. I mean, wearing a utilitarian item in a way that serves no purpose at all is — once again, iconic.

Almost 20 years later, we’re back to being puzzled. People are stepping out wearing belts, not to hold the bottom part of their outfit up, but rather, as an accessory to elevate their outfits. I mean yes, belts have been used to elevate outfits in the past, too, but this isn’t what you think it is. It is, quite literally, using the belt and bucking it on in an area that serves no purpose. Think Carrie once more. Think the Miu Miu FW22 double belt skirt, because why have one belt when you can two, right?

Owning your unique style

No purpose belts are a trend we’re intrigued by. It screams that belts don’t have to be worn around the waist, but are meant to be worn everywhere. For the longest time, fashion has been about function and purpose. It walked a fine line between utilitarian and decorative. However, that’s where style comes in — and the way people express themselves differently. Girls on TikTok are reclaiming this style, and I may have accidentally been sucked into this whirlwind with them. While some people may use belts for their intended purpose, others may not, and that’s the beauty of owning your unique, personal style.

Now if you feel like channeling your inner Carrie today, go for it! Rock that no purpose belt with sass and conviction!