July 2021: This month, you are traveling to Sahel, one of the hottest venues on the Egyptian North Coast, hand in hand with the dazzling Lara Scandar. Actress, singer, songwriter and model, Scandar is blessed by a double DNA – Egyptian and Lebanese. She has an unquenchable thirst for arts and culture, and with her pulsing personality, she turned out to be the perfect guide. Follow her blindly, and don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram pictures and videos, live from Sahel.

Sachi by the Sea, in Hacienda. You can never go wrong with paying a visit to Sachi. Everything from the menu to the cocktails and service is flawless. Their beef tataki & crispy beef are addictive. My girlfriends and I go there once a week for drinks. Galambo is also great for seafood!

mouthwatering beef tataki in egypt

Kiki’s. Whether you want a chilled drink midweek or one cocktail on the weekend that turn into ten, Kiki’s is definitely the place to go. Every day of the weekend has a different theme and vibe.

Cake Café in Hacienda, where I live. It is close, it is cozy and it is familiar.

The best thing about Sahel is that you don’t have to be at the salon nor go to a spa: they will all come to you. Plus, when you live by the beach three months a year, that’s probably the best treatment you will get.

I love having my personal trainer come over because it allows me to have more time at home with my daughter. But I also follow my trainer to Casa Cook hotel, where we have the cutest little corner to work out.
Anyway, there are so many insanely cool places in Sahel if you’re up for a good workout, like Befit, LA7 Gym and The Mala for all things yoga!

Sahel is relatively new, so historically and culturally, we don’t have much since it is an evolving summer destination. But just a car ride away, is the Alamein World War Cemeteries & Memorial, where many soldiers from all over the world are buried. If you are a history buff like myself, it is worth the ride.

World War Cemetery in Alamein

My house.

There are so many cute little places here. Sooch is great, which is in Sachi, the restaurant, so it is the perfect combination. After having a great meal and a few drinks, you can head to this tiny little boutique which offers a plethora of options from designers all around the Middle East.

Several Images of Lara Scandar beauty dresses

My husband’s jewelry brand, Katchouni. Other than the obvious reason, I love the attention to detail and quality of his pieces.

In Egypt, I would definitely say it is ancient jewelry. Culturally, we work with a lot of gold and silver, even stones, and historically, if you look at how our pharaohs used to create their jewelry, the detail is impeccable. I also love to just imagine a scenario of how that piece was worn and create a context in my own imagination.

There is always a Sahel summer song but I still haven’t found mine this year. However, the one song I have been lately listening to continuously is Our Song by Niall Horan & Anne-Marie. Also, every summer my Kendji playlist is on repeat.