Summer’s right around the corner — I know, it feels like the year has just started. But here we are, ready to embrace the season of sunshine and happiness. As the days become warmer and the evenings lighter, it’s time to bring back those summer clothes you’ve got stored at the very back of your closet, or well, maybe in a box or suitcase somewhere. Have you got started? Well, don’t forget your bags, we don’t want your trusty leather winter tote to weigh your look down. Don’t have a go-to summer bag? You’ve come to the right place! Meet DOUM, the Moroccan label by Samira and Yasmine Erguibi, a mother-daughter duo passionate about making a positive impact in the global and local fashion scene.

DOUM takes its name from the Moroccan palm leaf, in a nod to the local culture, heritage and craftsmanship of this unique North African country. Each design is meticulously handmade by a women’s cooperative and aims to preserve local artisanal traditions that have been passed down through the generations. By embracing ancestral braiding and embroidery techniques, and by using sustainably sourced materials such as palm leaves and raffia, each bag can take up to 100 hours to produce.

A story of tradition

Working with raffia, a fast growing grass, and straw was an important factor for the brand. They are both natural fibers that can safely decompose into the Earth’s environment. They also use organic cotton, made from 70% organic fibers, which forms part of a detailed environmental and social approach that is followed throughout their supply chain. Their sustainable practices don’t end there, in fact, all the dyes they use are natural and are made using mineral and plant extracts

A straw bag from DOUM is going to be a key player in your wardrobe this year, and every year. Not only are you spicing up your wardrobe, you would also be investing in DOUM FOR WOMEN, the basketry cooperative which has brought together over 200 women with the goal of helping them become financially independent through providing a stable income to allow them to support themselves and their families, as well as creating a safe and ethical working environment. A bag from DOUM is more than just a bag, it’s a story of tradition, passion and a blossoming empowerment of the modern craftswoman.