While micro bags are still on the rise, a contradictory trend has emerged in parallel to the fascination with all things small — the double-bag, because one bag is never enough, right?

From Chanel’s SS14 collection, to Balenciaga’s FW14 collection, to Fendi’s SS15 — the trend has been circulating for quite some time, so why is it only just gaining popular momentum now, almost  eight years later? Do we have Sarah Jessica Parker to thank, or blame? Some say she was the catalyst after being spotted giving the trend her stamp of approval while shooting the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That. Alas, I do not have a conclusive conclusion, but it’s a trend worth visiting, so let’s jump into it.

Your style, your rules

You may think the double-bag trend is quite random, don’t get me wrong — it very much is. However, it’s not just about pairing two random bags, rather it’s about coordinating different variations of bag with one another. Think micro and macro bags, two shoulder bags, or  identical bags — the options are endless, so the ball’s entirely in your court. Your style, your rules, so how are you styling it?

Need some friendly advice? Look no further than the style guide below — inspired by Jordanian designer, Dara Hamarneh, the founder of her eponymous label which focuses on handbags. Hamarneh’s vision is translated through modern updates to classic silhouettes, with the core principle of building something “clean and seasonless”. Carefully selected silhouettes come together to create a capsule of interchangeable pieces that elevate everyday life.

Shoulder bags

Whether you choose to wear them crossed over the chest, or adjusted to different heights on the same shoulder — two shoulder bags give you versatility and are easy to mix and match.

Same same, but different

Why do you need two of the same bag, you’re asking? Well, are you a collector? Or do you just like the style a little too much? Either way, combining like with like is one way to achieve this coveted high-fashion runway look.

When macro met micro

If you’re skeptical about this trend, but want to try it out, the combination of macro and micro is your safest bet. Think of the micro bag more like an accessory, or a wallet. They don’t fit much anyway.