Fendi were one of the pioneers of the “it” bag – when they released their Baguette bag in 1997, it became the bag every woman wanted. A bag that has stood the test of time, as it is still part of their collections today, it is as coveted now as it was two decades ago.

At Fendi’s spring/summer 2021 collection presentation, the Baguette was seen peeking through its own veil. It seems this accessory now needs its own accessory. Atop the bag was a white silk cover with an embroidered edge and scalloped details. A bag veil: could that become the next “it” accessory?

“I do not understand this,” says Amanda Navaian, who launched her conscious handbag brand, Marici, during lockdown last year and also is behind luxury handbag label Navai, which retails throughout the MENA region. As a designer, being seasonless has always been part of her brand philosophy, and she has used waste materials to make jewelry and shoes. Her new brand, Marici, uses Piñatex leather, a leather sourced from pineapples that consumes less water than other vegan leathers. “Design must have meaning,” she says.

“Design must have meaning.”

The only reason that this designer can understand the need for a bag-veil is if it protects the bag. “If it is being used for that purpose, then such a purchase makes sense,” says the London-based Iranian designer – though it would make a very extravagant and indulgent bag cover given the price and craftsmanship behind the veil.

“To me this bag veil is not modern at all, as it is not practical and seems unnecessary.” What Navaian does appreciate is how Fendi managed to keep the Baguette relevant for so many years, making it a well-crafted conscious buy. However, since this is a forever bag, Navaian asks: “Why hide such an iconic bag?”