On Saturday, December 3, Dior held its latest highly anticipated fashion show at the foot of the pyramids of Giza. The fall 2023 men’s collection, designed by Kim Jones, was the last event of a year of continuous stylish celebrations to mark Dior’s 75th anniversary. An apotheosis, bridging the ancient world and the future, we watched on as five things took our breath away:

The scenography: At nightfall, emerging from a sort of camouflaged bunker, breathtakingly elegant silhouettes traced their way along a luminous path in the shape of a pharaonic scepter. Under the stars -stars are dear to Christian Dior-, and then under a futuristic choreography of blue laser lights, the models lined up in front of guests who encircled the Great pyramid which was lit along its edges. The palette of the collection imitated the colors of dusk, gradually following the sunset’s flow, from earth shades to black with flashes of orange and bright yellow. Thirty-seven minutes of pure dazzle.

Dior x Cairo
Dior x Cairo

The tailoring: Inspired by the 1950’s, the “Good Fortune” dress reference could not be missed. Each couture element was impeccably reinterpreted in masculine cuts. The pleats, capes and other details were embroidered with green sequins to recall the tunics of Roman legionaries under Mark Antony. Half-kilts are attached above the pants and give any movement fullness and fluidity. At times you could see adventurers and old-fashioned aviators, and maybe a vision of Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince. Skirts should never have left men’s wardrobes.

The shoes: Desert boots, obviously, but like you’ve never seen them before. Articulated like ski boots, decorated with the “cannage” pattern inspired by the chair on which Christian Dior sat during fittings, but in 3D printed neoprene, decorated with anodized metal patches. Incredible!

The stellar theme: “My interest in ancient Egypt is related to the stars and the sky” said Kim Jones. The star was always part of the lucky charms worn by the notoriously superstitious Christian Dior. Could he have imagined, in his wildest dreams, a fashion show under the most esoteric sky in the world? The constellations are reflected in the prints and jacquard where we deciphered both Star Wars scenes and a secret held by the Pyramids. 

Handicrafts, both traditional and sci-fi: The collection presented papyrus braiding, notably on backpacks and belts. A multi-millennial technique, one used in mummification, which rubbed shoulders with 3D printed armor in the “cannage” pattern.  Tunics were cut in a sublime technical print from photos taken by NASA of a perspective that embraces the space between the closest star in our galaxy and the farthest. No doubt they are already extinct, but in something that shines so bright, how can we not see Christian Dior’s star?