I recently took some time away from the endless noise that assaults our daily life to lose myself in the mystical wonders of an isolated desert with limited access to modern civilization and no cell service or Wi-Fi. Sleeping under a sky lit up by bright stars, the Milky Way in plain sight and waking up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping away, the feeling was euphoric.

When you think of the Middle East, one of the first things that come to mind are the unique deserts that make up so much of our beautiful homelands. From the Sahara Desert in Morocco to Qatar’s impressive UNESCO World Heritage site of Khor Al Adaid, to Wadi Rum in Jordan, I (now a self-proclaimed desert fashion expert) am here to help you find just what to wear for a weekend away in one of our stunning deserts.

If you’re escaping the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy a remote weekend away in the desert, you’re most likely hoping to take a step back from the drama of everyday life. Now is the time to fully submerse yourself in nature. Choose comfort, stay chic and don’t forget your farwa!

It’s going to get cold at night and the Farwa is a floor length coat traditionally worn by Bedouin men to survive the harsh desert winters. Abadia’s farwa is a great piece to pick up. They’ve reworked this traditional piece of menswear to create iconic, timeless designs for the modern global woman.

You might also find yourself living out your music video fantasy as the wind blows through your hair, before reality kicks in as realize your hair is rapidly filling with sand. Many Arab men still wear a headdress, the timeless Keffiyeh, Shemagh, or Ghutrah, as a shield from the sun, wind and sand. As the various names suggest, they’re common throughout much of the Arabic-speaking world. If you’re looking for a cute moment, Elbe’s Middle Sea Scarf, created in collaboration with Dora Dalila Cheffi is what you need. Painted in Tunisia, designed in France and produced in Italy, this limited edition piece is as durable as it is chic!

As you take the time to roam around and explore the desert, a t-shirt, stretchy joggers and a good pair of sneakers are your friends. With all the walks and hikes you’re going to find yourself on, pick up Arwa Albanawi’s Forum Lo sneaker made in collaboration with Adidas. Walking aside, you’re sure to find yourself indulging in endless cups of sweet tea as well as delicious home cooked meals prepared by the local Bedouin. So, a loose fitting, rounded t-shirt from Emergency Room, and a pair of dark joggers (nothing white, that’ll turn orange) from Precious Trust, to accommodate for their generous hospitality is my, and now our, best kept secrets!