It’s May — should we say, “Yay”? I thought that was a given? It’s time to breathe a deep sigh of relief because winter, well, at least where we are, is over! We’re ready to pack those heavy duty items and make some room for the spring/summer wardrobe of our dreams. That carefree summer attitude we’ve all been longing for is creeping back in — after all, this is the lock-down free summer we’ve been anxiously waiting for. From beach parties to rooftop dinners, we’re going to be all in for micro skirts, sheer fabrics, bright co-ords, low rise waists and more! So with that in mind, it’s time to clue up on all the current styles that will take you from the beach to dinner from our community of MENA designers. Let’s get the summer party started!

Bright co-ords

Minimalists, look away! This season, neons and hot pinks are going to be the hues of the summer, particularly when worn head to toe. We’re adding Nafsika Skourti’s “pink pink” cycling shorts and high hip body suit to our cart.


Cut-outs might not be new, but it seems like they’re here to stay. Lama Jouni’s tops made from 90% ribbed cotton knit and 10% elastane perfectly merge comfort with unique style. Show them who the independent and passionate woman of our time is!

Micro skirts and low rise waists

The Y2K love for fashion is back in full force. Micro skirts and low rise waists are easy to wear, and take off by the beach, yet they’ll have you looking extra glamorous as you rush to your dinner party. Nara Niro’s micro skirt, or Yassmin Saleh’s low rise waist skirt top our list for full 00’s drama.

Sheer fabrics

They’re sexy, impactful and a big vibe this season. Whether you’re off-duty by the beach or going out, sheer fabrics, whether layered for a night out or worn on top of a swimsuit, seem to fit every mood.

Bra-like tops

This trend might not be for everyone, but, if you’re brave, wearing a bra-like top on its own seems to be dominating the summer trend this year. Whether you’re using it to cover your bikini top, or choose to layer it with a cardigan for a summer dinner party, some may say it’s the perfect summer trend for the hot and humid days ahead. If you’re looking to grab one today, look no further than Romani, the brand who became known for this exact style!