We might not know where you can buy happiness, but this month we surely know where you can buy vintage, and that’s pretty close! This is your call to make second hand, and responsible fashion, your first choice, re-love the pre-loved and start a ‘RE-LOVE-UTION’. Being on a budget never looked better and here we’ve gathered together a list of the region’s best vintage stores to help you on your thrifting journey.

Les Spot in Dubai

Founded by visionary and creative Hunoof Hamad, Les Spot is the go-to place that champions the goal of recreating the best Western vintage shopping experience in the heart of the city. Located in a villa on Al Wasl Street, Les Spot reinvents the notion of thrift wear and upcycling and is one of the best playgrounds for second hand fashion delights.

Depot Vente in Beirut

Founded in 2013 by Nawal Akl, Depot Vente is one of the most in-demand vintage stores in the region. Akl first launched the concept as a ‘depot’, as the name implies, and today it’s a tiny studio located in Beirut’s Mar Mikhaël neighborhood, with a collection that’s handpicked by Akl herself.

1954 by Rae Joseph in Saudi Arabia

It all started in 2017 when Rae Joseph established an online shopping platform to promote fashion in Saudi and the region. Joseph’s pieces are carefully curated from top vintage showrooms around the world and are available on Farfetch and Ounass.