One of the most respected jewelry brands to come out of the MENA region is Egypt-based Azza Fahmy. The company was founded in 1969 and is run by Azza and her two daughters Fatma Ghali, who is the CEO, and Amina Ghali, head designer. As a mother-daughter company, they’re celebrating this Mother’s Day with an innovative digital campaign titled “It Takes A Village.”

Starring in the campaign is Egyptian rock band Cairokee’s lead singer Amir Eid, who pays tribute to all the key maternal figures in his life. From his own mother and artist Leila Izzet to his wife and his mother-in-law, he narrates the story of how these women have enriched him.

“Mother’s Day is a celebration of unconditional love and affection given by different maternal figures in one’s life,” says Amina Ghali. “This year, we wanted to pay tribute to not only the mother, but the entire tribe, through a real concept that delivers the emotions of different motherly bonds.” The result is a video that will strike a chord with both men and women.

Azzy Fahmy

And if you’re looking to gift your maternal figures something precious Amina Ghali advises: “It’s about picking the right piece for the right person. Some are interested in pieces that carry messages of love or appreciation, others are more drawn to everyday stackable pieces.” But more than just sending a gift, the women of Azza Fahmy hope that their clients will connect with the story behind the video.

Amir Eid with his mother's caregiver, Mahaseen
Amir Eid with his mother’s caregiver, Mahaseen