As a rule, unanimity is not a very attractive concept. It is always accompanied by the underlying feeling that something fishy is going on, that there is more than meets the eye. Unanimity regarding a work of art, a public person, an everyday consumer product, a certain ideology or about any other concept under the sun should never be considered wholesome because there is no controversy, no discussion, no difference of opinion, no challenge. And yet, to every rule, there is an exception – one that depends on circumstances, the zeitgeist, and changing eras. The exception, here and now, is Augustinus Bader.

What is Augustinus Bader? Augustinus Bader is a brand of science-backed skincare that has garnered an unprecedented 90 industry awards in 4 years. Augustinus Bader, a world leading stem cell specialist, has dedicated 30 years of his life to ground breaking research and has given his name to the brand. The company, supported by the highest caliber of applied science in the industry, is also strongly committed to having a meaningful impact on the global community, through charitable partnerships, responsive donations, and donated sales.

Who buys Augustinus Bader and who recommends it? In two words: Almosy  everyone. The list is long; it ranges from film and music icons to the average consumer with longings attributed to all sorts of celebrities, scientists, dermatologists, bohos, people with acne-prone skin, burn victims, stylish people, common people, and more. Again: everyone!

The light bulb moment

There are a multitude of reasons to explain the phenomenal success of the brand.

Because success cannot be achieved single handedly, someone had to convince Professor Bader – “the greatest mind in stem cell research”, according to the international financial consultant Robert Friedland, the middle man in this equation, that he could go beyond healing burn victims. He, Bader, could apply his treatment to commercial skincare products that were created to make people feel good about themselves. The man who ultimately convinced him to do so was Charles Rosier.

A brilliant banker, passionate about medicine and science, and a serial investor (he also endorsed Miravant, the biotech company specialized in the medical treatment of macular degeneration as well as Professor Beaulieu’s work on Alzheimer’s), Rosier demonstrated intuition and unfailing patience in his early dealings with Professor Bader. Where there is a will, there is a way. After a first meeting in Thailand and many back and forth trips between Paris and Leipzig, the spirited businessman managed to convince this genius of skin healing to move into the cosmetics industry, a world as that was entirely unknown to him. He convinced him that producing a highly competitive anti-ageing cream would generate enough revenue to finance his research, that had been put on hold due to various financial problems.

The light bulb moment finally took place in Leipzig. The partnership came to life and quickly became an overnight success, gaining accolades from stars including Carla Bruni, Demi Moore, and Melanie Griffith, make-up artists, the media and more. “The stars were perfectly aligned,” states Rosier. “It’s a tsunami; along with Professor Bader’s patients, everyone is asking for more of the Augustinus Bader cream.” Requests pour in from the Americas (mostly Hollywood), Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Like a giddy child thrilled by his creation, Professor Bader himself has tried out all his products on his own very fine skin. And as Charles Rosier likes to point out, “Behind the scenes, there is a human being not an industry”. The skin is a universal organ; it needs to be pampered using only gentle ingredients free of silicone or fillers. Augustinus Bader beauty products are also effective treatments for acne, skin irritations, eczema and others. “We work on the skin’s overall health” recaps Rosier who positions himself halfway between capitalism and social solidarity, between profits across the board and peer support.

Trying to find a glitch…

Charles Rosier, who initially wanted to become a doctor, smiles when I ask if Augustinus Bader aficionados haven’t pivoted into becoming something like cultists by not using any other kind of skin care product. “The anguish of the noise from the pump dispenser, signaling that the bottle will soon be empty, is real,” he promises. He is genuinely proud to reiterate that his brand is the fastest growing in the industry.

Rosier agrees to play along as I ask him to describe his flagship products in one word: The Rich Cream? “Perfection”; The Cream? “Nourishing”; The Body Cream? “Innovative”; The Essence? “Versatile”; The Face Oil? “Impressive”; The Lip Balm? “Necessary”; The Body Oil? “Fantastic”; The Ultimate Soothing Cream? “Skin-savior”; The Shampoo? “Ground-breaking”; The Conditioner? “Essential”; The Scalp Treatment? “Breakthrough”; The Leave-In Treatment? “Disruptive”; The Neem Comb? “You didn’t know you needed it!”…

We tried to find a glitch in the Augustinus Bader products. Attaining perfection is near impossible, powerful storytelling is not sufficient, because the medicine/marketing relationship is not shatterproof, there had to be a flaw, we thought. Pointless! The products are near miraculous, the only downside could be the lack of a luxury scent… The results speak for themselves and they deliver, regardless of race, or skin color, texture or age. The best is surely yet to come.