Arak Studio is one of the Arab world’s first fashion brands to integrate technology into its apparel. First launched in 2018 by cousins Raneen and Abla Kawar, the Jordanian menswear label is revealing a complete rebranding this month, courtesy of ILNA Collective.

“The new concepts surrounding the rebranding revolve around sustainability, transparency and ethical labor and business practices,” says ILNA Collective’s founder Saif Hidayah. “Arak’s fabrics are natural, biodegradable, recyclable and hypoallergenic. The production process is fully transparent from creation to delivery, showcased by a dynamic QR code attached to each garment where customers will be able to track and trace for the quality, care and transportation of each garment.”

Arak Studio’s clothes are made in Jordan, with linen and cotton sourced from Turkey. “It was important that we found the best sustainably sourced materials, particularly focusing on their composition, which is natural, biodegradable and recyclable,” say Arak Studio’s two founders. “Our long-term strategy is to be able to source our materials locally, but materials with such compositions remain unavailable in local markets.”

Signature menswear items from Arak Studio include a distinctive hoodie, which was part of the brand’s first collection and is now a must-have statement piece. “Arak’s linen pants are the newest addition to our product line,” say the Kawars. “They feature the label’s unique hand embroidery that runs along the side of the pants. Inspired by Middle Eastern heritage and crafted by artisanal women in Jordan, this unique garment is both loose fitting and breathable.”

For its latest spring/summer 2021 collection, Arak Studio will still offer its favorite pieces, alongside new items that include bowling shirts, shorts and new variations on their popular hoodie.