Whether you’re soaking up the sun or still sitting behind a desk, these are the formulas to favorite.

The Sustainable SPF

Dubai-based sun care brand, SunKiss is all about protecting you and the planet, too. Their range of skin-protecting formulas arrives in reusable, refillable and recyclable aluminum containers. The creams, sprays and lip balms are all ocean-friendly and cruelty-free as well. Their most recent launch sees SPF50 join the line-up. Our picks? The Age Defying Daily Face Protect works perfectly as a pre-makeup primer as well as sunscreen and the ultra-luxurious Invisible Shield CocoLime smells as good as it sounds.

The Fragrance Journey

If you’re not travelling this summer, then let perfumer Amna Al Habtoor take you on an adventure with Arcadia. Her Edition 2 Gift Set features all eight fragrances from her second collection. Experience blends from every fragrance family, from the oud notes of No.11 Jinx to the sweet juice that comes bottled as No.13 Fever. If you’re travelling, the smaller-sized flacons are perfect for throwing in your suitcase.

The Detox Mask

Summer means sun, sand, chlorine and late nights spent with your friends and family. All this might lead to your skin looking a little lackluster. Dubai-based certified organic skincare brand Ixora offers up a Purifying and Balancing Clay Face Mask that penetrates pores and removes impurities. Cooling and mattifying the skin, it’s the perfect detox on those rare nights in.

The Mindful Must-Have

Worried about those holiday blues? Breathe them away with the help of Bahrain’s Green Bar Inc Clearing Incense. Working with ancient resins and other traditional ingredients, lighting this mixture is claimed to clear the room of any negative energy. The team at Green Bar Inc suggest using it during sunset to help you unwind after a stressful day.

The Stand Out

Lebanese makeup artist Bassam Fattouh is known for his showstopping beauty looks. So it’s no wonder many brides turn to his formulas (and, if they’re lucky, him) on their big day. His Backlighting All Over Glow is a must-have for wherever you find yourself this summer. The versatile emulsion can be used on the face and body, making skin glow like nothing else. For the quickest of beauty looks, apply it, add a sweep of mascara, brush up your brows, add a spot of lipstick, and you’ll be good to go.

The Hair Rehab

If your hair feels a little lifeless after too many dips in the pool and time spent under the sun, then Morocco’s liquid gold is here to help. Izil embraces the powers of argan oil for its Nourishing Hair Treatment products. They feature a Nourishing Shampoo which helps boost hydration and a Rehydrating Conditioner that looks to add moisture and shine alongside the Moroccan brand’s Royal Oud Argan Oil for strength and a beautiful scent.