On the occasion of Alice in Wonderland Day, Pulse flew Alice to three Arab countries, and styled her with the help of some of our favorite MENA designers.

Since 1865, a huge number of kids and grown ups from all over the world have discovered or rediscovered Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, commonly known as Alice in Wonderland. A masterpiece among masterpieces, Lewis Carroll’s book will never stop influencing literature and pop culture (cinema, theatre, radio, painting, sculpture, ballet, opera, musicals, theme parks, board games and video games), and just might be one of the world’s favorite bedside reads.

Why? Why has Alice in Wonderland had such an impact on millions of human beings of all social, cultural and geographic backgrounds?

Because we all, kids and grown ups, love to daydream and be the directors and superheroes of our own movies and fantasies: How could we resist exploring again and again every facet of not only Alice, but also the cast of characters that populate the novel as we rediscover their stories? Each time we open the book, how can we not fall in love with the White Rabbit, Bill the Lizard, the Duck, the Dodo, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, the Hatter, the Queen of Hearts or the Mock Turtle? How can we not smile when we remember that a lot of these anthropomorphic creatures were inspired by real men and women of 19th century Victorian England – Bill the Lizard, for example, may be a play on the name of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

Because we all, kids and grownups, love to play: Alice in Wonderland is structured like an immense, complex board game, with its soothing rules and its reassuring instructions. Also, nothing is more enjoyable than the literary nonsense genre, with its anthology of the absurd and countless paradoxes left unsolved, and Lewis Caroll’s work is absolutely full of those, let alone the endless plays on words, puns and parodies that he sowed throughout Alice’s 136 pages.

Because we all, kids and grown ups, love to eat: Driven by her “curious appetites”, Alice constantly wants and needs to satisfy her hunger, bringing us back to our eternal midnight or midday cravings, how eager we always are to taste new food, new textures and new delights.

Last but not least, and let’s face it, because we all, kids and grown ups, crave to know what is it that we’ll find, and live, through the looking glass – every looking glass!

Today, July 4th, is Alice in Wonderland Day for lovers of this odd tale from all over the world. It commemorates the date that Lewis Carroll first told his story to Alice Liddell. Alice Pleasance Hargreaves (née Liddell) was, in her childhood, an acquaintance and photography subject of the British author, and one of the stories he told her during a boating trip became Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. On this occasion, Pulse decided to play with, and for, Alice. Let’s imagine her in 2022, falling through the looking glass in three Arab countries, Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. How would she be dressed? How would she look in some of our favorite MENA designers? Stunning, indeed…


Absolutely fabulous, like her compatriots Patsy & Edina, Alice would definitely dress in Maison ARTC and embrace Marrakech’s unique extravaganza of style when landing in Morocco. Without hesitation, she would pick the staggering, one of a kind, hand embroidered and 100% cotton Pictures Dress that Lewis Carroll himself would have fallen in love with. And to add glamour and sparkles to her look, day and night, Alice would wear Zyne’s Moon slides, with their golden and amber hand-beaded upper.

Look like Alice in Wonderland Morocco:




Alice, of course, loves history, and like a majority of Brits, is very fond of Egypt – she has read Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile countless times. And without a shadow of a doubt, she would immediately pick our 2021 Prize finalist Maram Aboul Enein’s Black Moon Flared Leggings with the Eyes Wide Open sweater. To perfect her rock-glam look, she would be sure to pick up Okhtein’s sculptural rose Kamelia shades. Alice is ready for her adventures in Luxor.

Look like Alice in Wonderland Egypt:





Everybody knows how curious Alice is, and landing in Saudi Arabia, where almost everything is changing and countless things are happening, is an obvious choice. Desperate to dress like a modern princess, she will immediately jump into Nora Al Shaikh’s jigsaw puzzle Kaftan, happy to see how pretty she is in pink. She would also decide to not go anywhere without Sarah Faisal’s Mélange Croc Effect bag and Samuda’s Al Ula silk scarf. We told you: a real princess, this Alice.

Look like Alice in Wonderland Saudi Arabia: